Conditions to be respected:

  • Kitchen of 32 square feet minimum
  • Island of a maximum of 36 inches deep
  • Kitchen on the first floor
  • Additional fee if the island is 21 square feet or more
  • A radius of 50 km around the store in question

What are the standard inclusions?

Included: 1 measurement, 1 residential installation / 1 delivery, 1 tap hole, 1 hole kitchen sink (polished or unpolished) and straight polished finish.

  • Joints are confirmed by the technician when taking measurements according to accessibility, wall corners and finishing panels.
  • The kitchen sink will be installed, but Granite au Sommet is not responsible for the plumbing connection.
  • Tolerance of +/- 1/4” on all countertops, joints and spaces between walls and countertops.


What are the exclusions?

  • Excluding 45mm fallout, facade fallout and lined facade.
  • Excluding suede finish



Price may change as a result of measurements.


What are the client’s responsibilities?

  • It is the client’s responsibility that the access to the property or the construction site be safe at all times, even during weather events.
  • When taking measurements, it is the client’s responsibility to clean and remove any object on the existing counters before the technician arrives.
  • Sink, tap hole and cooktop positions are approved by the customer when taking measurements.
  • For the installation, it is the responsibility of the customer to dismantle the old counters before the installers arrived.
  • When taking measurements, the customer must have the sink, faucet and sink faucet at home and baking tray if applicable.
  • Islands with cantilevered countertops must have reinforcements provided by the cook or the customer, unless a standard size is respected (maximum of 12 inches for 20mm and 30mm).
  • Crane and permit fees, if required, are at the client’s expense.


To be done by the customer before the arrival of the installers :

  • During the installation, the stove and refrigerator must be removed from their location before the arrival of the installation team.


After installation, please note the following precautions:

  • Quartz surfaces must be protected from heat by underlays.
  • Countertop surfaces must be cleaned as you go along to avoid the appearance of stains.
  • The quartz may crack if you place a dish from the furnace.
  • The material cannot crack without external intervention or force.
  • Quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, Dekton, Laminam may crack with external pressure or weight.
  • Quartz and natural stone must be cleaned with specialized cleaning products with neutral PH (do not use household cleaning products such as Windex, Hertel, Monsieur Net, Vim, etc.).
    The following products can alter or damage the surface of your countertop: oil, alcohol, wine, coffee, apple juice, orange juice, citrus fruits, household cleaning products and any other acidic or chemical product. Granite, marble, quartzite and onyx are natural stones that may contain certain natural elements such as veins, cracks, fissures, fissures, minerals and color variations.



  • No warranty applies to natural stone.
  • Please note that it is impossible to make an invisible joint.


Measurements and installation between 08:00 and 18:00. No fixed or approximate time will be given to the customer.

If for any reason, we come to take measurements and/or installation, and we cannot do the work without having been notified at least 24 hours in advance, an additional fee of $250 will be charged.