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5 Reasons to Choose Marble-Effect Ceramic for Your Bathroom

Preserving the character of marble while combining the practical qualities of ceramic in your bathroom? It’s possible! Marble-effect tiles are a safe bet in terms of floor and wall coverings.  Ideal in bathrooms with a classic or modern look, marble-effect tiles let you create exceptional designs. The colour differences make it an easy-to-integrate tile. Practical, economical, and stylish, an imitation-marble tile will cost you between $2.39 and $9.99 [...]

Transforming a kitchen by modifying a few inexpensive elements

Back in February, Karine Matte from Matte & Glossy had the marvellous idea of having a pied-à-terre in the middle of nature! Just before the big pandemic, Karine had a crush on a cozy little cottage that looked perfect but needed a little bit of love.   Little did she know that this project was going to be her escape during the worst months [...]

Hexagonal tiles: How do you incorporate them in all the rooms of the house?

Hexagonal tiles are widely used today. These very decorative tiles come in a wide array of colours and textures. Their beautiful shape is perfect in all the rooms of our homes: wall, floor, backsplash, bathroom and entrance. They have a look that adapts to all rooms’ walls and floors. They imbue floors with original character. In an entrance, living room or bedroom, these [...]

Top 5 backsplash trends in 2020

For a trendy kitchen, we approve the backsplash! An essential item in any kitchen, the backsplash is used to protect the walls from spray, and it’s a real aesthetic asset. Choosing the backsplash is an important step in the renovation of your kitchen. Simply changing your backsplash can breathe new life into it and give [...]

4 good reasons to renovate your home in the winter.

After winter, the mildness of spring often brings a need for change and a wave of new renovation projects. While spring is a good time to take on projects that can’t be done in winter, there are better times to start your renovations. Here are four good reasons to renovate the interior of your home [...]

Our selection of the most beautiful bathrooms of 2019

Looking for inspiration to renovate your bathroom? A cocooning bathroom to spend the winter as well as the summer? Rustic or modern, small or large, shower or bath, these bathrooms all have something in common. They will make you dream! Because we love to see what you do with our tiles, continue to share your [...]

5 tips to redesign your kitchen on a small budget!

The kitchen, the heart of the home!  In the Kitchen, everything happens! The family discusses and prepares meals, eats and clears the week's paperwork. It might as well be designed to meet the needs of the whole family.  For many of us, the idea of a kitchen renovation can be a real headache but it's [...]

Discover our new countertops!

Have you ever dreamed of a splendid kitchen where you could receive family and friends around a perfectly immaculate island? Or to enter in your bathroom with the same delight as when you walk through the door of a spa? Even if the majority of countertop materials are practical and aesthetic, we still have to [...]

5 reasons to opt for oiled hardwood flooring!

Oiled hardwood flooring is greatly appreciated in fields of architecture and design. The main reason for its popularity is certainly its natural and sober appearance, which makes it a noble and classic floor covering. Indeed, it's hard not to like all the beauty emanating from a well-maintained hardwood floor. Laid on the ground or even [...]


I work for L & CO CONSTRUCTION CO and I have been a customer of La Tuilerie Outremont for over 15 years. We recommend to all our customers to go to La Tuilerie. They offer a large inventory of beautiful ceramic of top quality at very competitive prices! We are extremely pleased with their professionalism, competence and excellent technical advice.

— Raffaele Artigliere