PRO EFFLONET Ceramic Joint Cleaner


PRO EFFLONET is a ceramic joint cleaner specially formulated to eliminate efflorescence (whitish powder encrusted on the surface of the grout) caused by Portland cement. Removes light or heavy cement grout residues. PRO EFFLONET requires little rubbing and will not damage ceramic surface or original grout color.

🌳 ECO Performance Product: crafted adhering to environmental sustainability standards.

  • Use with ceramic, porcelain and granite
  • Use on cementitious grout
  • Use with paving stones and concrete surfaces
  • Use on counters, floors, walls, showers, shower doors and toilets
  • Use to remove rust from metal ramps and surfaces
  • Removes calcium residues on car and entrance carpets
  • Removes light rust and calcium rings in toilets, bathtubs, shower doors and knobs
  • Organic acid based cleaner
  • Contains no phosphoric, hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid
  • Considered non-corrosive for skin, as per WHMIS, but corrosive by Health Canada because of pH < 1
  • Faint odor
  • No VOC
  • For interior and exterior institutional, commercial and residential applications
  • Biodegradable. In conformity with OCDE 301 E rule
  • Meets Calcium Carbonate (Hard Water Scale) Solubility Test

946 mL (32 fl oz) bottle

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