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PRO NANO SEAL is an organic solvent-based impregnating sealer designed to give a wet look and protect natural stones.

🌳 ECO Performance Product: crafted adhering to environmental sustainability standards.

  • Strong color enhancement
  • Wet look
  • No superficial film when dry
  • 0 VOC solvent
  • Full strength protection is achieved only after 3-5 day curing time
  • Use on all types of finishes, but is best on polished and honed surfaces
  • Use to seal sanded and un-sanded cementitious grout joints
  • Use for floors, walls and backsplashes
  • Good protection against household dirt and stains
  • Good water repellency
  • Good oil and grease resistance
  • Faint odor
  • For interior and exterior institutional, commercial and residential applications

500 mL (16.9 oz) bottle; 946 mL (32 oz) bottle