Product highlights:

  • Powerful separation because of the new design.
  • New support reinforced for durability and powerful separation.
  • New support reinforced for durability and power separation.
  • Ergonomic comfort handle.
  • Chromed steel guides with anti-rust treatment.
  • Lateral stop with 45° square.
  • Base for correct support of the tile.
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels from Ø1/4″(6mm) to 13/32″ (10mm).
  • Ø1/4″ (6mm) scoring wheel included.
  • Two-layer base with shock absorption.
  • Direct view of the scoring and cutting line.


  • For cutting ceramic tiles.

RUBI is continuously researching according to the evolution of materials and based on the requirements received by leading ceramic tile manufacturers worldwide, 30,000 RUBI dealers and more than 40,000 end users registered in Club RUBI. Thanks to all this, the RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range is unique in the market, offering a comprehensive solution to the user in having products for all phases of treatment, in addition to the tools necessary for successful implementation.



Star Max-65 (bag included)


Light and versatile cutters.

The STAR MAX range of manual cutters is suitable for cutting glazed stoneware and tiles.

Chromed steel guides with anti-corrosion treatment for greater durability.

STAR MAX manual cutters by RUBI have closed slides, made of POM for greater bending strength and offering tile fixers better and smoother sliding when scoring.

Equipped with aluminium mobile breaker assembly, robust and with great breaking power for diagonal cuts and base with shock absorption effect.

The dual guide system gives greater visibility of the scoring and cutting line.

The guide supports on RUBI STAR MAX manual cutters are made of POM and have a highly reinforced design to provide greater robustness at times of increased demands.

All STAR MAX models include folding side arms to increase the support area in large format pieces.

RUBI STAR MAX manual cutters include, as standard, a 6 mm STD scoring wheel with a tungsten carbide roller guide.

The exclusive machining and grinding of the roller guide on the RUBI STD 6 mm scoring wheel allows this scoring wheel to offer exceptional quality in scoring ceramic tiles for coverings (BIII type).

The incision of the roller guide on the RUBI STD 6 mm scoring wheel is clean and shallow, resulting in a cut without chipping the enamel or any deviations.

The STAR MAX range of manual cutters consists of two models; 51 and 65 for cutting pieces up to 65 cm.

Version available with a practical and comfortable bag-backpack for easy transport and protection of the manual cutter.

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