Schluter adjustable paver supports – TROBA-LEVEL


Whether for a terrace, balcony, or patio, the installation on blocks is done with self-supporting slab supports called TROBA-LEVEL from Schluter®. This outdoor installation technique is becoming increasingly popular in Quebec because of its convenience.


  • Quick and easy to install.
  • No risks due to freezing and thawing since water drains through the open joints.
  • Quick and easy access to waterproofing and drainage systems.
  • Maintains a level surface (up to 5% slope).

There are different variations of this product. Since every exterior design is unique, we recommend that you contact our experts in store for advice. To estimate the quantity needed for your project, you can get an estimate with Schluter’s calculator.

💡 NOTE: The Schluter TROBA-LEVEL installation system can be combined with special tiles such as the 2 cm thick Waterfall 24 x 24, which is specially designed for outdoor use.

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