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Hardwood floors are inimitable when it comes to creating a cozy decor that goes with everything. In addition to complementing any room in the house, wood parquet for your floors is a durable and solid choice. Moreover, La Tuilerie offers you a large choice of types of woods that will complement any decor such as maple, cherry, oak, walnut, ash, hickory and more. In our ÔBOIS boutique, you can compare different options for your hardwood floors. Choose from a wide selection of hardwood flooring, depending on their finish and the type of floor that suits your lifestyle best. Discover the colors, textures and dream look during a visit in store. And all this at a reduced price from La Tuilerie!

What type of flooring best suits your needs? Learn more about the qualities of different woods for your floors and start your selection for your flooring. 

Good to know: the type of floor to choose depends on the room in which it will be installed!

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Hardwood Floors

Solid floors are made of 100% wood. They are a strong and durable floor covering. Its lifespan can be several decades. Their style remains timeless, while being unique thanks to the natural knots of the wood.


Solid wood is suitable for the ground floor and upper floors of houses. The latter may occasionally be repaired rather than replaced. Installing hardwood floor is simple: you can either use the broached or nailed method. However, this type of surface is not compatible with a heated floor system. 


Visit one of our ÔBOIS spaces to be guided in your choice of hardwood flooring.

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Engineered hardwood

Engineered wood flooring is a relatively new material in the floor market. It refers to a layer of hardwood glued to a hardwood plywood (it is indeed part of the large family of hardwoods).

 Engineered wood has exceptional qualities that allow it to be installed in conditions where conventional solid wood flooring cannot be used. Did you know that it is possible to install engineered hardwood on a cement slab, such as in a basement or a condo? Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood is a little more permissive and can handle different humidity levels.

In addition to the original finishes and colors available for this flooring, engineered hardwood can even be applied to wall surfaces. The great advantage of engineered wood is undoubtedly that it can be compatible with a heated floor! This type of material needs to breathe less than solid wood.

The finishes of our hardwood floors

All hardwoods can be pre-varnished or oiled. Read our tips to make your decision between an oiled or varnished wood floor easier!

Pre-varnished woods

Each year, we offer innovative trends for your wood flooring. Maintaining varnished hardwood flooring is easier and much less regular than oiled hardwood. Varnished hardwood is durable and has great resistance to wear, abrasion and scratches. Hardwood varnish also provides anti-yellowing and antimicrobial properties to your floors.

The palette of finishes for a varnished floor ranges from ultra-matte to semi-gloss. Find the style, trend and tree species that meets your needs.

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Pre-oiled hardwood floors

For a greener choice, opt for a pre-oiled floor! Wood oils, extracted from plants, are a greener choice than varnish. The oil allows the wood to breathe. This has the advantage that oiled wood adapts better to the changing nature of its environment and this lengthens its lifespan. The oiled finish also helps manage the appearance of the floor over time. As it is easy to apply new coats of oil over the years, you are independent for maintenance and you can bring your floor back to new. This concept is unique to pre-oiled products! Among the other advantages of the pre-oiled floor, we can cite its resistance to humidity and abrasion. Pre-oiled wood is distinguished by its matte luster.

The hardwood floor refinishing and maintenance of pre-oiled is simple and within everyone’s reach, although more regular than varnished wood. This gives you more control over the appearance of your parquet. Over the years, you can even bring your floor back to new with oil maintenance or change the color. In short, this floor option gives you more autonomy. Find out about the possibilities offered by oiled wood flooring!

In addition to the service of our advisers and a varied inventory, the ÔBOIS boutiques at La Tuilerie stand out for their large quantity of hardwood floor in stock which can be diligently delivered to your project site. Enjoy your new floors quickly and hassle-free. Get quality products at the most affordable price! 


Prices and supply are subject to change more often than before due to the impact of COVID-19 on our distribution chain. More details in store.

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