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Hardwood flooring is a high-impact design element. As a prominent feature of almost every room in the house, choosing the right one for you is of utmost importance. To help you make your choice, our ÔBOIS stations offers an amazing range of hardwood products that emphasize colors, textures, and looks for a remarkable and personalized result… at low prices!

Hesitating between oiled or varnished hardwood? This article will enlighten you.


New and innovative trends are created every year to meet the needs of tomorrow. Our collection is constantly evolving to offer you the latest inspiration in the field.

Appreciate its beauty in addition to its anti-yellowing, anti-microbial properties, and its high resistance to wear.

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The application of natural oils of superior quality allows wood floors to breathe and allows them the flexibility to adapt to its changing seasonal environments. The vegetable oils applied to each of boards are non-toxic and do not give off any chemical vapor.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood allows your floor to adapt to all situations and possible installation needs. It is suitable for installation on a cement slab in the basement, in a condo or simply in rooms where the humidity rate would not allow the installation of a classic hardwood.

Find all the essences, colors and finishes in this new generation of hardwoods.

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Vinyl and laminated floorings

Increasingly in demand, laminated and vinyl floorings are unrivaled in performance.

Perfectly reproducing hardwood in every detail, but with much simpler installation and an even more durable finish, laminated and vinyl floorings are ideal for areas where hardwoods are at risk.

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