Wood on your walls thanks to Wall Concept wall coverings

Wood on your walls thanks to Wall Concept wall coverings

Do you love the warm ambiance and comfort that the wood brings? If so, you are going to love Wall Concept. As the name suggests, it is a new concept of wood wall coverings.

Winter and summer, we love wood. More and more homes install it, but mostly only on the floor so far.

Typically, we see hardwood used as a floor covering. Now, however, you will see that wood can be on your walls.



A true-to-life wood cabin effect!


The Wall Concept series are made entirely in Canada with kiln dried eastern white pine, which gives a realistic effect very much in demand nowadays.

Each series includes two or three different thicknesses. It enhances the irregular aspect of natural wood and allows you to create a unique wall covering which will give a dimension and an impression of depth to your room.

With a tint also applied on sides for a uniform finish, Wall Concept leaves nothing to chance. You will find planks flawlessly crafted for the wood wall coverings of your dreams.



Turn your walls into works of art!


The Elevation series, in addition to its three different thicknesses, is also available in three colors. One of them is composed of several shades of grey, which allows you to play with the colors and design your own wall with very varied wood planks. Moreover, circular saw marks are visible which emphasizes the barn wood aspect.




With a brushed wood finish, the Wild series has two thicknesses. It comes in three colors, which are quite nuanced, with a texture that creates a raw style.

Lastly, the Nature series provides a more marked antique aspect for a rustic look, available in four colors with two different thicknesses.

With these decorative qualities, you have no excuse not to install a wood wall covering!


Beautiful and easy to install.


Designed specifically for inside wall mounting, Wall Concept, in addition to be very aesthetically pleasing, also seduces us by its ease of fitting.

It is possible to install your wall covering with adhesive tape for wood! You still can opt for a more common way with a pneumatic nail gun.

Ensure you have a good natural light in your room for a better rendition and brighter colors. Next, you can install your wall covering on a clean and smooth wall for improved adhesion.

Lastly, you can finalize your new wall with L-shaped mouldings available in every Wall Concept colors.




Wood wall coverings : A new trend.


With their antique and barn wood look, and simplicity of installation, real wood wall coverings of Wall Concept will seduce many people.

Homes now can opt for real wood from Canada to cover their walls and feel like in a cozy mountain chalet while being in the city!

For more information about these new wood wall coverings, please contact us or come over to see us in store. La Tuilerie’s experts will be glad to answer your questions.