4 good reasons to renovate your home in the winter

4 good reasons to renovate your home in the winter

After winter, the mildness of spring often brings a need for change and a wave of new renovation projects.

While spring is a good time to take on projects that can’t be done in winter, there are better times to start your renovations.

Here are four good reasons to renovate the interior of your home in the winter.

1- Take advantage of increased availability

Winter is an off-season period, especially between January and March. Take advantage of the increased availability of contractors and retailers. This increased availability of your partners will reduce meeting delays, and you will receive quotes faster, enabling you to more effectively plan your project according to your budget and your favourite products. 

It is also likely that the work can be completed faster due to the increased availability of the contractors. Since your contractor generally has fewer projects to manage at the same time, it will be easier for them to react quickly and avoid the unexpected.

2- Reduce renovation costs

As contractors know, the busiest times are from spring to fall. 

It is important to remember that the construction industry is very much influenced by supply and demand. Since demand is lower in the winter, prices are lower.

Consequently, there is a good chance that your contractor will be more flexible in terms of costs (lower labour costs). 

3- Get approvals faster

As everyone knows, the “I need change” trend is making itself felt in Montreal. In summer, you can wait 30 to 40 business days before getting a building or renovation permit.

The good news is that in the winter, it only takes a few weeks, even a few days! This greatly reduces the risk of starting your renovations late.

Good to know:
As a general rule, any work that significantly affects your home will require a permit. Rest assured, you are allowed to paint your interior without asking for this piece of paper. The same applies to changing the floor coverings or the sink. For more information, consult your city’s urban planning department to apply for a permit.

4- Enjoy your home during the summer months

Once all the renovation work is done, say hello to summer evenings spent enjoying your home!

The yard will be ready to welcome your hammock and your barbecue.

Moreover, since the kids are on vacation in the summer, the house is often a lot busier.
So, why not make the most of your summer by doing your work in the winter?

Here is a list of work to do during the winter: 

  • Installing floor coverings or painting interior walls 
  • Overhauling your electrical installations 
  • Fitting out your basement, bathroom or kitchen
  • Checking or upgrading your fireplace
  • Organizing or renovating your laundry room

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