8 reasons why pre-oiled hardwood is undoubtedly made for you

8 reasons why pre-oiled hardwood is undoubtedly made for you

1. The pre-oiled hardwood floor : A trendy product!


Hardwood floors have always been trendy. Everybody love the wood and the effect of warmth that it generates. Indeed, hardwood is timeless! It is suitable for any room, any style and it is very comfy for our feet.

The wood is also a material which has always had a reputation for great value.

Varnished hardwood floors have been popular a long time but today, pre-oiled hardwood is increasingly in demand. Many people prefer a less sophisticated decoration, more simple and more authentic


2. A rusctic and natural appearance.


Pre-oiled hardwood has, contrary to varnished hardwood, a rustic and natural appearance that people snap up!

The oil allows the wood to keep and enhance its raw aspect while protecting it. Therefore, it doesn’t leave a glossy layer on the floor surface but penetrates inside for a deep impregnation.

Moreover, the oil highlights the wood grains and the imperfections become less visible thanks to a matte finish.

Finally, the oil allows the wood to keep its beauty longer, which will sure give character to your house.


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3. Undeniable green qualities.


Pre-oiled hardwood is popular now also thanks to its ecologically friendly qualities.

Indeed, more and more people care about the environment. If you do too, then the preoiled hardwood floors are made for you!

A renewable resource, wood is a material which also leaves very little production waste.

Moreover, the oil, which comes from natural sources, is much more ecologically friendly than varnish. Obtained from plants, it is harmless.

With a pre-oiled hardwood floor, there will therefore have no negative effect on your home’s air quality.


4. A very robust floor!


A pre-oiled hardwood floor has generally a longer life than a varnished hardwood floor. It is thanks to a deep impregnation that the oil increases the robustness and the longevity of the hardwood. Hence, it is also more stable than a varnished hardwood and won’t warp.

Very resistant to temperature changes, the pre-oiled hardwood floor has also a good moisture and abrasion resistance, and all that thanks to the oil that enters deeply in the pores of the wood.

It also bears very well small shocks that we can make it endure by everyday.


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5. A wood which breaths to adapt itself to the vagaries of its environment.


Wood is a material which doesn’t trap dust and therefore keeps the quality of the air healthy.

With an oiled finish, wood keeps breathing, contrary to a varnished finish which prevents wood from absorbing and restoring humidity. Because of this, pre-varnished wood risks cracking more easily than pre-oiled wood.

We can therefore install pre-oiled hardwood floors from the company Alexandra in a basement, contrary to any other solid wood. Your floor will always keep a beautiful appearance provided you take care of it…



6. A simple and fast maintenance.


The pre-oiled hardwood floor maintenance couldn’t be simpler! A sweep is ample enough for its daily cleaning.

Use a cleaning agent specially produced for hardwood floors when your floor is stained.

Then, you can apply an other layer of oil if it is needed to regenerate its original appearance, without even being obliged to sand in advance. It is up to you to decide when you need to do it according to its wear.

For that, you need to clean the floor and wait for it to dry before the oil application. Then, pour a small amount directly on the floor and spread it with a clean and dried sponge or cloth to make the oil enter uniformly. Remove the excess oil using an other sponge and lastly, let the floor dry for about 30mn.


7. A floor that can be revived.


When a simple cleaning is not enough to give the original appearance back to your preoiled hardwood floor, a revival could be needed.

For that, use specialized products like those made by Preverco, which will give the natural and matte aspect back to your wood.

The procdure to be followed can vary according to the nature of the work required. To better help you, follow the instructions of refurbishing, here.


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8. An easy to repair floor.


Finally, if your pre-oiled hardwood floor has suffered some damage like a scratch, then don’t panic! You will be able to repair it easily and quickly.

For this kind of repair, provide yourself sandpaper and tainted oil of the right color, to restore the damaged zone. Your floor will regain its uniform aspect and your scratch will be forgotten, ”here today, gone tomorrow!”