5 tips to keep in mind for your renovation projects

5 tips to keep in mind for your renovation projects

1. Research the possibilities.


Above all and whatever the work you plan to undertake, find out about every way to do it.

Don’t just listen to the opinion of the first person you ask. KEEP ASKING PEOPLE, because there is never only one solution but several possibilities.

As with all renovations, you always have to ask several persons, friends and professionals, their opinion. You can even research information on your own; however, this is more useful in comparison with other sources.

For example, someone may tell you that you definitely have to install small ceramic tiles on a kitchen countertop. Without even talking about the other options available, you may be disappointed to learn too late that you could have installed large tiles instead. This would have prevented you from having so many joints.

Give yourself the chance to make the right choice 🙂



2. Prepare a renovation budget.


Second important thing : Your budget.

Renovations can be expensive sometimes, but that is not a reason to break the bank!

Spending money wisely is possible!

First, make a to-do-list for all what you plan to do and what you will need, material and workforce.

Second, always anticipate and take unforeseen problems into consideration (broken tiles, old tools that don’t work anymore, mistakes…).

Lastly, rummage through your old stuff and salvage them! Tools, planks, grout, paint, we can find leftovers from last renovations sometimes. Who knows? You may even manage to save money!


3. Be organized.


There is one thing you have to adopt, and quickly : ORGANISATION.

There is no secret, a project well undertaken stems from a flawless organisation! After your budget, determine a timetable.

Avoid to waste your time foolishly and order your material 2 or 3 weeks in advance to be sure that all that you need will be received on D-day, so you will be able to begin your renovations.

Then, take it seriously and begin to work early in the morning. If your renovations are during the Summer, it is always more enjoyable to work in the fresh air of the morning.

Moreover, you will have the whole day ahead of you, and more time = faster. But don’t hurry! If you want your work to be well done, take the time you need to do it and your patience will pay off.

Finally, if you plan to do the work by yourself, double your timetable. It will take more time for you than for an experienced professional who will certainly be accustomed to this kind of work.



4. Make sure to know how to do everything from the beginning to the end or engage a professional who has good references.


If you do your renovations by7 yourself, then, make sure to know what to do and how to do it from A to Z. If so, you will succeed your project.

Don’t launch yourself in something to difficult for you. If you don’t feel it, you still can engage a professional.

For that, always ask for at least 3 different submissions to be able to compare them and to choose the professional who will meet your expectations in terms of its services and its prices.

Make also sure that the professionals have good references, and that the provided contract is clear and very detailed, so you will know if you should include extra expenses or not.

Otherwise, there are very usefull and FREE websites which can help you to find the ideal professional for your renovations in no time:

soumissionrenovation.ca is a website to which you just need to send your project. You will receive, within 48 hours, 3 submissions from 3 qualified contractors, so you will be able to make your choice according to these received estimations.

Don’t forget to make them come at your home after each submission, so they will be able to confirm their estimations for your renovations. That would avoid some nasty surprises.




5. Choose well your material before you start.


As we mentioned in a previous point, be organised, and make lists! Make sure you have bought everything before starting your work. It will prevent you from stopping your renovations along the way ,and wasting several hours for a missing nail!

Have the right tools on hand. Using a tool which isn’t adequate for the work you do, is the best way to do damage!




Choose the right material. A good price is one thing, but don’t forget to pay attention to quality. You wouldn’t want to do everything again in a couple of months, would you? Prioritize therefore the quality of material, so you won’t regret spending money on it.

Moreover, good material will add value to your house. Think about it if you want to sell it one day!

Lastly, make your house more ”green” thanks to ecological material that we can find everywhere now. It will attract even more potential buyers.