Our decoration ideas for improving your small bathroom!

Our decoration ideas for improving your small bathroom!

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It plays a key role in the daily lives of the house’s occupants. To properly fulfill its functions, it should therefore be at once practical, comfortable, and well organized. This design challenge proves all the more complex when you’re dealing with a small bathroom. For this type of room, you have to successfully strike a balance between the functionality of the room and the arrangement of the furniture and the decorative objects. Are you looking for design ideas for a small bathroom? Here’s our advice on this subject:

Multifunctional objects and furniture

In a small bathroom, each element is characterized by the amount of space it takes up. By choosing furniture or objects that are small and serve multiple purposes, you’re guaranteed to have a room that’s practical and that meets all your needs without becoming crowded. The most commonly found example is the wall mirror placed in front of the medicine cabinet.

Ingenious storage

Along the same lines, you should find clever ways to store your many hygiene products, towels, and other bathroom accessories. In a large bathroom, you have the ability to install furniture and cabinets in which you can easily put all your stuff. In a small bathroom, on the other hand, you have to know how to get creative in this area. Wall shelves can be very practical, provided that they don’t obstruct passage. Recessed niches can also be used as an ingenious alternative. Another tip: use your practical objects as decorative accessories. For example, if properly folded, pretty bath towels can give off a beautiful visual effect.

Airy surfaces

Try to free up the surfaces, including the floor and the counter. Raised furniture is always preferable since you can install a storage area below it or simply leave an empty space that will make the room look bigger. Another tip for making the room look bigger: use smooth materials (mostly) without slots – for example, large ceramic tiles for the floor or marble countertops. Finally, heated floors let you save the space used by electric baseboard heaters, in addition to improving your comfort at home.

Colour palettes and textures

Decoration professionals will often tell you that a small room will look better if its colour palette contains clear and neutral shades (whites, greys, and beiges). That’s not to say that you can’t decorate it according to your taste if you prefer brighter or deeper colours. It’s just that a small room can quickly become stifling if all the walls are painted in a dark colour. It’s better to add little splashes of colour all over the bathroom. The same idea applies to textures. Paint a single wall in colour that will serve as an accent wall, or choose white walls along with a patterned or brightly coloured floor. Alternatively, you can choose a neutral base and let your imagination go with regard to the accessories.

Lighting and brightness

If you’re lucky enough to have at least one window, do everything you can to emphasize the natural light that comes into the room: curtains that let the sunlight through, pale walls, large mirrors, warm materials (wood, natural stone). Unfortunately, in many cases, small bathrooms don’t have windows. You’ll therefore have to turn to artificial lighting. Luckily, these days, there’s a way to diffuse light throughout the room quite well using a combination of ceiling lights and recessed lighting.

By following this decorating advice, it’s possible to create a small bathroom that’s both pleasant and functional.