Discover our new countertops!

Discover our new countertops!

Have you ever dreamed of a splendid kitchen where you could receive family and friends around a perfectly immaculate island?

Or to enter in your bathroom with the same delight as when you walk through the door of a spa?

Even if the majority of countertop materials are practical and aesthetic, we still have to choose the right material, suitable for our needs!

Our collection is full of varied, durable and design products. Let’s take a few moments to distinguish all different type of countertops.

1. Granite countertop

Saint-Henri Granite

Granite is a must-have item in the countertop industry. Perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom, this natural stone, born from the cooling of the underground magma, owes its longevity to its hardness, but also to its insensitivity to heat, scratches and grease stains.

Be careful with the maintenance products though! Granite does not support acidic products, such as vinegar and lemon. Therefore, use a non-aggressive soap with a soft cloth and tepid water for daily cleaning. Generally, a sealer is also necessary to maintain a granite countertop.

Some granites offer a great variety of color and a unique interesting design for a country or a classic style. Mixes of different materials are in vogue since a few years and give character to a room. For example, a granite countertop could look great in a contemporary decor, with multiple textures!

We also have granite countertops made in Québec, for those who want a stone with a small ecological footprint, with excellent value for money. Plus, these granites do not require any sealer.

A pretty good option isn’t it?

2. Quartz countertop

Quartz is another great countertop material, which is easy to clean and super resistant, just like granite.

A great advantage of the quartz is that it allows a wide range of colors and textures, being a material suitable to the integration of several pigments. The results are quite surprising, ranging from immaculate white to more vivid colors, passing through the marbled effect! Thanks to the evolution of manufacturing production techniques that allow creating perfect imitations of granite and marble. Plus, the sleek and brilliant appearance of quartz last a long time!

Quartz provides great durability, has a sophisticated appearance, and mimics the look of natural stone. Silestone quartz, on the other hand, offers the same benefits, in addition to bacteriostatic protection, using a unique technique based on silver ions. Good protection against bacterias and mold.

3. Marble countertop

The marble is a metamorphic stone derived from limestone, used since antiquity and recognized worldwide as a prestigious material. Indeed, it is found in several architectural and artistic achievements of history. The veining on this stone creates a very interesting effect of depth.

Marble can change its appearance over time. Indeed, it is sensitive to scratches, stains, and acids. By choosing a marble countertop, we enjoy its great beauty but we also accept the regular maintenance which comes with it.

The application of a sealer is important to minimize the risks of staining the countertop. Some harder marbles, having a lower absorption capacity, require regular sealing.

4. Dekton countertop

Dekton, which is created by Cosentino, is an ultra-compact surface made of granite, quartz, glass, and porcelain. The advantage of this medley? Uneven resistance to heat, stains, UV rays and scratches. Indeed, the materials being compacted at the highest point, have a very low porosity, which allows easy maintenance and great durability. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Dekton allows creating very thin surfaces for a modern aesthetic.

5. Soapstone countertop


Soapstone is a material generally appreciated by professionals in the design sector. By its high density, it offers a very high resistance to heat, which makes it an excellent choice for a kitchen counter. Soapstone is softer than granite and marble and benefits from easier repairs in case of wear or breakage. The maintenance is quick and easy because soapstone is a stain and bacteria resistant material. However, it has a low resistance to scratches and abrasion.

The stone remains one of the most sought materials in design by its chic and sophisticated appearance. A soapstone counter fits well with rustic or classic decor. To obtain a dark shade, it is necessary to apply mineral oil regularly.

And now, discover the ceramic countertop!