Why Floating Vinyl Flooring is So Popular?

Why Floating Vinyl Flooring is So Popular?

Previously, vinyl flooring was plastic that would deform under heat.

Now, this flooring is officially known as SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) or as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). It’s composed of stone dust and polymers, making it more resistant to water, wear over time, and temperature fluctuations.

Its design has also evolved. Today, it’s easily mistaken for solid wood flooring.

These two attributes make it so popular. Discover why floating vinyl flooring might be right for you!

Floating Vinyl Flooring: Perfect for A Living Room

The 10 Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has greatly improved in recent years. We share what makes it strong.

The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring:

  1. Affordable with good value for money. At La Tuilerie, our vinyls are available from 2.35$ / sq.ft.
  2. Easy to maintain.
  3. Durable. If well-installed, maintained, and of good quality, vinyl flooring can last between 10 and 20 years.
  4. Water-resistant (more on this below).
  5. Perfectly mimics the look of real wood.
  6. Sound and thermal insulation thanks to its integrated membrane.
  7. Ideal for a flip, temporary installation, or long-term use (e.g., for a family with young children).
  8. Quick to install. Thanks to the “click” installation system, vinyl planks are particularly easy to use (explained below).
  9. Compatible with heated flooring.
  10. Suitable for all rooms: bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, etc.

The Secrets of Click Vinyl

  • A real wood look. If you want to achieve a deceivingly real result, ask for a synchronized finish. Thanks to synchronicity, the print of the visual that imitates wood follows the texture. This process creates a very beautiful imitation. Vinyl flooring is also available with a stone look.
  • A finish that minimizes the appearance of scratches. It’s good to know that vinyl can scratch, but if you’ve chosen a textured floor, the appearance of the scratch will be diminished.
  • Water resistance. SPC planks or tiles are hydrophobic and won’t swell in case of water damage. However, know that water will pass between the joints.
Floating Vinyl Flooring: Perfect for A Living Room

Installing Floating Vinyl Flooring: Child’s Play!

Vinyl comes in planks or tiles. Technological advances perfectly mimic the appearance and texture of wood, stone, or slate floors.

Vinyl: A Floating Floor

This is a type of floating installation. No glue, no nails. Just fit the planks together. It’s very simple and easy.

To cut vinyl flooring: an Exacto knife suffices! 3 other cutting options: with a saw, a knife, or a floor cutter. We’ll show you how easy it is.

The 3 Most Common Types of Clicks

There are several types of “clicks”. We explain:

  • Standard click: Commonly known as Drop Lock, ideal for beginners. For installation, you just need a mallet.
  • Double click: the advantage of the double click is that the installation holds better. Most large renovation projects choose this to ensure better durability.
  • Click with 5G technology: it’s a simple click to install. What distinguishes it? It has an integrated tab at the end of the slats that securely fixes the planks together, ensuring better longevity of the product.

Our Tips for a Successful Vinyl Flooring Installation

If you’re installing it yourself, read these two very simple tips.

  • Achieving a beautiful floor. Vinyls typically have between 5 and 10 different prints (= a print corresponds to a visual). For an optimal result, try to vary the repetitions. We recommend not placing 2 identical prints next to each other. For a better diversity of prints, open 2-3 boxes in advance to obtain an optimal selection of planks.
  • Avoid stair-like installation. The installation of vinyl tiles or planks should be as random as possible to avoid creating weaknesses at the joints. If the installation is too regular, the pressure will be too great, and the floor may break.

Convinced about this affordable and easy-to-install flooring? Download our catalog to discover our floating vinyl flooring. Then visit one of our stores to be assisted in your project. We know that each project is unique. Our advisors are here to guide you and suggest the flooring that meets your needs, respecting your budget.