A responsable bathroom for Stéphanie of Dans le sac

You’re probably already familiar with Dans le sac. Stéphanie and Laurie created this Quebec company with the goal of being a catalyst for eco-friendly, large-scale changes by creating sustainable products. It is now an online store and a blog, a YouTube channel, and a large, wonderful community! 

We worked with Stéphanie for her bathroom renovations. In a bathroom, all the details count—both the functional and aesthetic ones. 

Her goal was to revamp the room at a low cost, reusing as many items that she already had as possible 

The products used 

She chose two of our best sellers, which are durable, timeless products.  

Shower floor and wall ceramic tiles  à

The ceramic used is a porcelain from Italy that is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and entryways. 

  • Ceramic Absolute Cement in the Ice shade — 24 × 24 — See the product 


Backsplash tile 

The Hand Made is a subway tile that has the elegance of hand-worked clay. 

Our tip! 

Water with high iron levels often gives epoxy grout a reddish colour. 

There are specific cleaning products for this issue, such as the Proma Epoxy grout cleaner. If you have an acrylic base, remember to protect it because this product could damage it. 


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To learn more about Dans le sac

To learn more about Dans le sac