Bathroom: 5 things you can’t forget when renovating

Bathroom: 5 things you can’t forget when renovating

The bathroom is a place where we want to feel great. That’s why convenience is just as important as aesthetics. When a space suits our tastes and needs, we love spending time there. Here are 5 things that can improve your bathroom comfort and look!

1. Shower niches

Having shampoo and shower gel bottles at your feet, on the floor, when showering is not enjoyable. If this is the case in your shower, then a little storage is a must! Have you thought about Schlüter’s niches? They are very easy to install and will change your life!



Shower niches can be a nice way to add a touch of fancy when you tile them differently, mosaics are a great example! You won’t fear your daily shower anymore 😉

2. Shower drains

Yes, your shower drain can be an aesthetic element of your bathroom! You can choose it to be square, linear, with the grate of your choice or even ‘’to tile’’ for greater discretion. It will look almost invisible!

The Schlüter Kerdi Drain is square-shaped and adapts every thickness of tiles.

The Schlüter Kerdi-Line linear drain is often installed along the wall for more discretion. It also adapts every thickness of ceramic tiles and natural stones.

New Schlüter grates are now available! They are more sophisticated. Which one is your favorite?

3. Vanities

The vanity is the most important element of your bathroom. It’s used each time we come in the room, either to wash your hands or for a quick look in the mirror.

Choose your vanity according to the overall look of your bathroom. Do you want a purified style? If so, and if you have enough storage in the room, you can entirely tile the vanity. This will give an ultra-modern and purified look, and the piece of furniture will perfectly fit into your decor if you choose to tile it with the same tiles as your walls.

You need storage but you don’t want a precast vanity? Then Schlüter Kerdi-Board panels are made for you! You can build your own vanity by yourself and also tile it! A variety of designs are facing you when it comes to choose a ceramic counter. It’s an opportunity to highlight your personality through your decor. Make your bathroom your own piece of art!

Finally, this kind of tiled vanities is ideal for vessel sinks.

4. Vessel sinks

The nestable sinks are what most people have. If you want something different for your bathroom, opt for stone vessel sinks!

Real design objects, and non-nestable sinks bring tranquillity and give a contemporary look. Stone vessel sinks are unique pieces. Marble ones will bring a natural elegance to your bathroom, whereas river stone ones will add a sober and raw element to your decor.

5. Heated floors

The bathroom is definitely a room where you don’t want to be cold! So why not opt for a heated floor? There is nothing better! You will walk barefoot and never get cold feet thanks to Schlüter Ditra Heat products! You will be done with old and ugly electric heaters! You may love your floors so much that you will want to install a heated floor even in your shower!

Planchers chauffants

In addition, you will save money! Yes, installing a heated floor allows you to save up to 15% on your electricity bills! That’s not all, at La Tuilerie, if you buy your ceramic tiles at the same time, you get 10% off your heated floor!


You now know the 5 essential elements for great comfort in your bathroom. Now it’s up to you to consider how you want comfortable you want to be in a room where you do spend a considerable amount of time…