The different types of stone counters

The different types of stone counters


Quartz is composed by 93% of natural stones. The rest consists of polymer resin and pigment for its color. Beware of quartz brands on the chinese market for example. It is composed of only 35% of quartz against 65% of resin! It will tend to yellow and its quality is inferior.

Because it is scratch, warm, bacterium and stain resistant, in addition to its ease to clean and contemporary aspect, it is, without a doubt, the most successful material for kitchen counters. Please remember that it is recommended to use mats to put your hot pots on. Quartz is also ideal for the bathroom.

This material, in addition to its convenience, also has aesthetic qualities. Its color is uniform and bright, even over the long term! Santa Margherita quartz is 10% more polished than its competitors and even shinier!


Moreover, quartz doesn’t require any sealant! Because it is not very porous, it is naturally stain-resistant and doesn’t need any protection.

Finally, it’s easy to maintain a quartz counter. Simply use a cloth, lukewarm water and a non-abrasive soap to remove dirt. However, banish all bleach products! Even though quartz is not very porous, it can nevertheless, in some instances, absorb a small quantity of liquid. That is why we recommend wiping quickly damages and cleaning the surface in the event of a spill.



Granite is a robust and durable natural stone composed of quartz, mica and feldspar crystals. It comes directly from the ground, that is why it offers a wide range of colors and each piece is unique.

Scratch and warm resistant, granite is a great material for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Used across the world since the 80’s, this product remains a noble material with a timeless look. Beautiful, it will impress your guests thanks to its irregular aspect which offers an exclusive decor.

The most popular colors are black, white, beige, grey, and dark brown.

As for its maintenance, granite requires a sealant contrary to quartz. Sealing it about once a year will prevent stains or tarnishes from appearing over time. However, beware of its composition! Granite doesn’t tolerate acidic products like vinegar and lemon. This is why you have to use a non-aggressive soap with a soft cloth and lukewarm water for daily cleansing. Avoid abrasive products and, oil and ammonia-based products. Finally, remove spills as soon as possible to prevent liquid from penetrating your granite.



Marble is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone. It exists in a wide range of colors and can have veins.

Because of its great beauty and its remarkable elegance, marble is a noble, timeless and popular material. It is one of the most beautiful natural stones which exist. Used during antiquity in Greece, in Roman times or in the Middle Ages, marble has always been synonymous with prestige, exclusivity and luxury.

The ‘’Carrara’’ marble is very trendy! It is prized for its whiteness without too many veins, that gives it a cleaner and refined look.

Marble is porous and it needs to be protected like a precious stone to preserve its beauty as long as possible. A sealant must be regularly applied depending on its use. To choose the right sealant, ask our sales advisors in store, then follow the recommendations on the product label before the application.

As for its daily maintenance, a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a non-aggressive soap are enough. Avoid acid and abrasive products, alcohols and any irritant product to not damage the surface. To prevent stains, we also recommend to remove quickly the damages and to use mats at all times. especially for wine, citrus juices, oils and other greasy products that can penetrate marble easily.

Finally, as marble is more fragile than granite, it is less warm-resistant, so it is recommended to use mats to put your hot pots on. Also, use a cutting board to cut your food and avoid scratching your counter. Polished marble, which is even more fragile, is not ideal for kitchen counters. If you want a shiny effect, then opt for another type of counter.

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