Why choose heated floors?

Why choose heated floors?

We give you 3 reasons to opt for a heated floor system! 

First of all, how do heated floors work? 

These are electric heating cables that are attached to an uncoupling membrane under your flooring before it is installed. These systems are easy to install and compatible with a wide variety of flooring: engineered hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, and ceramic. The choices are therefore numerous. To learn more, read our article to find out what is the best flooring for heated floors. 

1- Save money  

Choosing heated floors means choosing energy-efficient heating. Aside from their installation, which can be a bit expensive at first, they let you save a ton of money on your electricity bill compared to conventional systems such as electric baseboard heaters or furnaces. Indeed, thanks to heated floors, the room temperature can be lowered by 2 or 3 degrees without becoming uncomfortable. Thermostats let you adjust the temperature with precision. 

In addition, investing in heated floors adds value to your property and always pays off when the time comes to sell it. 

2- Enjoy incomparable & healthy comfort  

As Roxane Tremblay from Flexdeco (québécois heated floors specialist) explains: “Not only will you never have cold feet again, but this is also a special kind of warmth that spreads evenly throughout the room.” This heating system releases an even form of heat, distributed over the entire surface of the room. 


We often think about installing heated floors in the bathroom, but this is also a good idea for other rooms in the house. According to Claude Christin from Flexdeco: “They can be in all the rooms; they can be in the garage, in an exercise room, or even in the office (the comfort of feeling right at home while working remotely!).” 

Claude from Flexdeco recommends installing heated floors in all the rooms, even the bedrooms, because your interior is heated in a healthy way. Indeed, heated floors:  

  • don’t move germs or dust around,  
  • effectively reduce the number of allergens in the air,  
  • don’t dry out the air in the room, 
  • don’t give off any odours, 
  • and don’t create any electromagnetic fields. 


To learn more, you can check out our tips to remember for heated floors. 

3- Save space and increase your well-being! 

Thanks to its even, regular heat, a heated floor offers you daily well-being, especially during the long Quebec winters! This is also a system that is silent and safe: perfect for your cozy nest and for family life! 

One of its big advantages is that it lets you save space. No more furnaces and visible baseboard heaters! This is especially worthwhile in a small room such as a bathroom or entrance.  

Did you know 

At La Tuilerie, when you purchase ceramic, you get 10% off your heated floor (including heating cables, installation membranes, and thermostats). 😉 

Flexdeco products are proudly Québécois! 

This article was written in collaboration with Flexdeco, manufacturer & heated floors specialist.

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