What is the best flooring for heated floors?

What is the best flooring for heated floors?

Winter is here! The warm blankets are heure and the cold feet too! 

But this year, it’s over! You have decided to give up your phentex slippers and consider a heated floor as a means of heating.

After talking about where to install your heating floor system (living room, kitchen or bathroom), it’s time to talk about flooring. 

Can I install my heating floor system under any type of floor covering? 

Unfortunately, not all floors can be heated! 

A heating floor system can only be installed if the chosen floor covering allows being exposed to high humidity variations. 

Yes, but which floor coverings are?

Don’t worry, La Tuilerie will answer all your questions. 

Does my floor have to be ceramic ?

The answer is: No!

Although heating floor systems can be installed under many types of floor coverings, some floor coverings are more appropriate, tolerate better temperature variations and retain heat more efficiently.

Engineered hardwood is an interesting option. Engineered flooring is designed to provide greater stability, especially where moisture or heat is a problem for hardwood. 

In both cases, it is always preferable to consult an expert for advice. He will guide you in your choice of flooring. 

However, it isn’t possible to install a floor heating system with traditional solid wood floor or cork. 

Traditional solid hardwood is a living wood that reacts to both temperature and humidity.

When the system heats up, it will dry out the wood and it will crack. 

A solid hardwood floor is very beautiful, but it’s alive!

In the meantime, a wooden floor can be installed with nails… You will nail into the cables! 

As for cork, it has the reputation of being a very good insulation material! 

Installing a heating floor system under a cork flooring is like heating your room, but with windows open to -10 degrees.

What are the benefits of installing a ceramic or stone floor with a heating floor system?

This type of floor covering is recognized by all professionals as the preferred floor covering to install with a floor heating system. 

Resistant, non-deformable, ceramics and stones are excellent heat conductors, which allows the system to consume less. 

Other benefits:

  • Their capacity to keep the heat, which will keep your floor warmer for a longer period.
  • In the case of a break, you can remove the tiles above the broken area without completely changing the floor.

You now understand why choosing tiles or natural stone is choosing the best solution!

In summary

The essential thing to take into account in the choice of your flooring is thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is the ability of your covering to conduct the heat produced by your heating floor system.

Now you can choose the covering you want for your heating floor system.

Still need help? Contact us, or consult our products to find the system that will best suit your project. 

Keep in mind:

The heating floor system can be installed by a handyman or a professional. All electrical work, including the connection of the thermostat, should only be done by a licensed electrician.