10 ideas for enhancing your interior design with ceramic

10 ideas for enhancing your interior design with ceramic

Ceramics are available in increasingly artistic and natural patterns to better match the materials in your home. On their own, they are a decorative element that can change your whole decorating scheme. Here are 10 decor ideas incorporating ceramic tiles to make your interiors look their best!

1- The charm of imitation reclaimed wood ceramics

Imitation reclaimed wood ceramics are in fashionable! Their subtle nuances can be combined to bring a lightly aged touch and refinement to a room.

Installed in bands of alternating colors, these tiles can give your room punch. They look great covering a floor, a counter, a backsplash or on an entire wall.

Scrapwood comes in 4 patterns: Air, Wind, Fire, Coke


2- A warm interior in imitation wood

Imitation wood ceramics make your interior warm and welcoming. The natural wood color contrasts with dull walls and shows off the furniture, creating a contrasting effect through different materials.

Ceramics mimicking stained wood are perfect for covering a fireplace mantel or a wall band in order to play with contrast. When arranged in an artistic style, they act as a decorative element for enlivening a wall.

The size of the Legni tiles is suitable for covering the walls as well as the floor.


3- Luminous decor

Dull and lifeless rooms are over, and can now be replaced by shimmering colors that illuminate the interior and distinguish it from other materials.

Adding vibrant colors in a room with neutral tones highlights the colored walls. They become the room’s highlight that consistently attracts the eye. These tiles are equally useful for decorating a sink backsplash or making decorative insertions.

Colorissima comes in white, silver, Portland gray, indigo blue and aquamarine.


4- A chic and modern interior

The combination of light and dark tiles provides spectacular results. The process is perfect for adding some substance to minimalist decor.

The dark tone covers the floor and wall bands in small squares while the light tone creates a background that lightens the neutrality of the room. A floral Hexatile mosaic placed in the right location enhances the whole room. Another interesting model, Colorlab, comes in 8 colors in the 10×20 format.


5- The original touch of mosaics

Through its size and texture, a mosaic can reinvigorate the decor of a room. It can be used everywhere: a kitchen or sink backsplash, an entire wall or a decorative strip that goes from the wall or the floor . . . the possibilities are endless!

Mosaics can provide contrast to the sometimes too-classic look of the walls and add brightness to the room. Not to mention, they go with most themes: retro, modern, classic, etc. We recommend the Sybar, model, which is distinguished by its numerous shades of grey.


6- A bohemian touch to enhance the decor

An irregular checkerboard pattern enlivens spacious rooms. Turquoise paired with beige produces a retro chic effect, while the design evoke a bohemian style that contrasts with the rest of the decor, especially with the wood furniture.

Ideally, they are arranged like a floor rug, which adds an even more original touch to the ensemble.


7- A room based on optical effects

To add depth to the decor, we use ceramic squares printed with a retro-optical pattern that creates a 3D effect covering the whole floor.

Reinforcing the retro-optical theme, a mini mosaic hung on the wall spices up the decor even more. The charm of the room rests in the checkerboard that adds a funky designer look.

Ampladesign is unique faux-mosaic in tones of grey.


8- A modern designer interior

Manufactured imitation cement adds a contemporary touch that makes all the difference. The Word Up collection imitates the depth and nuance of polished cement to modernize your interior.

Go against the trend by opting for light-colored tiles on the floor while covering walls with a darker tone reminiscent of concrete.

The mixture blends perfectly with metalwork and minimalist furnishings.


9- Decor inspired by King Arthur

To highlight materials in the interior (glass, metal, leather), opt for a tile which imitates a mixture of different mineral materials. The amalgamated texture and semi-polished finish of the floor tiles give a sophisticated touch to the room.

They can be used to cover the floor, the walls or the fireplace mantle.

Camelot pays tribute to the legend of King Arthur and is available in three colors that evoke the Isle of Avalon, and the swords Excalibur and Clarent, for an interior steeped in history.


10- An elegant and contemporary bedroom

A large backdrop that extends from the floor to the ceiling or a wall dotted with shiny tiles is enough to completely change the decor! A combination of matte and shiny patterns gives a modern and trendy style that matches any material (wood, iron, leather, etc.)

This model works just as well in the bedroom as in the living room or the office. You can bring Frankfurt, Berlin, and Hamburg into your home thanks to UBahn.


With a little creativity, ceramic tiles can transform your space into a true work of art. Mosaics, contrasting textures and combinations inspired by other decorating materials offer many possibilities for reinventing each room in the house. Don’t wait any longer to give yourself a new interior with ceramics.