5 Ceramic Shower Models to Renovate your Bathroom

5 Ceramic Shower Models to Renovate your Bathroom

Looking to renovate your bathroom and give it a makeover? Ceramic is an easy and efficient solution to create a particular atmosphere while preserving both the character and functionality of your space!

Depending on the types and colors of the tiles you choose, you’ll be able to truly create unique shower designs and styles in your bathroom.

Discover these five models to inspire and give you more distinct ideas with the numerous possibilities offered by using porcelain!

1. Walk-in Italian shower with a scrapwood effect

You like wood, its warmth and authentic character, but you want a contemporary bathroom that requires little to no maintenance. What about a cozy bathroom made with a porcelain stoneware imitation of reused wood?

Modern and practical, this walk-in shower fits perfectly in an atmosphere that evokes the grainy yet cozy feel of the countryside. In this contemporary shower, you benefit from stylish comfort and space with an “ecological cabin” feel that reminds a bit of nature every time you step into the shower. It is a smart alternative for anyone who wants to embrace both authenticity and trendy.

2. Pleasing to the senses with a soothing effect

If you like pureness and modernity you will be taken by the word up effect bathroom with a spa-like shower. The modern ceramic tiles cover the walls of this bright bathroom with a city-esque tapestry style and the water jets provide an extremely relaxing zen touch.

This relaxing bathroom appeals to those who give this room a vital role in self-fulfillment and well-being.

3. Simply classic mosaic effect

This classic shower, with its materials and colors, is reminiscent of old thermal baths. Efficient and simple, it is also timeless. In this bathroom, you can enjoy the moment escaping the impression of fleeting time.

Free and serene, you will enjoy these moments of relaxation in a special space designed for leisure and quiet. A great solution for those who like the dazzling combo of classic and freshness.

4. Elegance with a premium quality effect

This bathroom, simple and elegant in form, has a design both pure and refined that plays with various luxurious shades of grey. The contrasting light creates a space for calm and relaxation. This walk-in shower fits harmoniously in this glistening atmosphere.

This bathroom is suitable for all design lovers who wish to preserve the soothing and intimate character of this room. With light contrasts and the light effects/reflections, this bathroom is perfectly chic and luxurious.

5. Contemporary look with a pop effect

This contemporary bathroom plays with contrast to give an unusual dynamic to this space for relaxation. The patterns of the ceramic floor resonate with the white walls, the frieze compliments the tone of the floor. The shower is replaced with a bathtub that creates a soothing space within a space with a more pop feel.

This original and colorful bathroom will seduce those who rely on it to give them a vitamin boost in the morning and for those that like to spend time benefitting from a clean design conducive to dreaming and leisure.