5 ceramic shower models for your bathroom renovations

5 ceramic shower models for your bathroom renovations

Are you getting ready to redo your bathroom? We’ll help you make your choice by showing you several models of ceramic showers. Ceramic is an easy, effective, affordable solution for creating an atmosphere to your liking while maintaining the space’s functionality. Here are five models to inspire you and give you a more tangible idea of the many possibilities.

1- Walk-in Italian shower

Douche à l'italienne avec la tuile Absolute Cement

An Italian shower is a walk-in shower with the drain integrated into the floor. To ensure that the space is watertight, be sure to use the right materials: membranes, drain and so on. You don’t have to step into Italian showers. That’s why they are easily accessible for children, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. It’s a functional, easy-to-maintain space. You can choose the size. Your comfort is guaranteed!

To create one or more storage spaces, there are various sizes of shower niches.

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2- Wet room

There’s a hot trend in houses or cottages: wet rooms. They combine a shower and a bath in the same place. To do so, the floor and walls are completely covered with tiles so that the room is watertight. Remember to check that the tile of your choice can be installed on the walls and floor.

3- Classic shower: a reference for ceramic shower models

Douche classique réalisée en céramique

What’s usually referred to as a classic shower is one made with a shower base. It’s timeless. Depending on the style you want, play around with the ceramics’ textures, the finish of the tiles, shower niches, grout and fixture colours, and so on. As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are going for a spa, farmhouse, classic, modern or rustic look, there are many choices within a wide price range.

Our tip—to give a room some warmth, choose imitation wood ceramics.

4- Double shower

The double shower provides total comfort. It has plenty of space to enjoy it as a twosome and can be practical for large families. This setup allows you to shower together while each person can use his or her own settings. It’s easy to get into and has a beautiful symmetry.

Cleaning can be a dreaded chore when it comes to spacious showers. Choose your materials carefully based on your needs. For all our tips on the upkeep of ceramic and joints, read our blog post on the subject.

5- Combined bath and shower: a two-in-one

Ideal for families with young children, bath shower units adapt to everyone and make the best use of space. That’s their big advantage.

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