10 trend inspirations for the New Year according to S&V!

10 trend inspirations for the New Year according to S&V!

S. ET V. – Designers d’intérieur


1. White 90/10

White is omnipresent since many years. Elegant and calm, white color allows to improve the lighting in a room.

You’ll be glad to learn that it can be used in every spaces, mostly because it’s a timeless color. However, the new trend is to play with different shades of white to prettify our interiors. The color spectrum is large, for example, warm white, cold white, grey white and even pinkish white.

Preferably, we opt for 10% pure white and 90% shades of white. This way, we can conserve the minimalist style while bringing a little bright and shiny side.

For final touches, we use a warm white porcelain floor, a blue white accessory with a glossy finish or even a bright white architectural detail.

2. Clean-looking interior

We are seeing more and more pictures of clean-looking interiors, which are still very popular in the design field. This year, we opt for these kind of refined and sober designs but avoiding the impersonal and sanitized look.

Our home has to reflect our personality to emanate an emotion. A clean-looking space will always be neutral and classic, that’s why we usually add a little dynamism to it.

We no longer need to follow any kind of less is more rules. Show everybody who you are with an architectural detail or some kind of modern art object.

Contrast a white space with a deep blue porcelain or even a painted pink ceiling. A great way to create a spontaneous and personalized minimalist space!

3. Black and white

Black and white are the basics for a successful design.

White is a must color, often used for the main color of a room. Once we have our clean-looking and luminous white look, we now can use an accent color, creating a good contrast and adding a dynamic touch to a space.

Black, on the other hand, is more masculine but a classic color too. It gives a lot of character to a room while being neutral. Sometimes, this color can give the impression of being intense and gloomy, but at the contrary, it allows a great deepness and when it’s used properly, creates a grandiose effect in a house.

Only using these contrasting two colors, we can create a harmonious interior. It’s a statement, it’s sharp and classical at the same time.

A timeless decoration, that will persists without a doubt.

4. Think ecological design 

Now that environment has become such a big concern and a priority, we should thnk green in every spheres of our lives. A design made of sustainable materials is even more successful because it’s thoughtful and caring.

We have to prioritize the product quality for it to perpetuate in time without a problem. It’s important to think about the future and to the long-term impact that the production of materials has on the planet.

Most of recognized designers and architects integrate into their works, sustainable items. We have incredible resources, we have to use them intelligently.

To imagine and create sustainable and aesthetic products is now a goal for today’s designers.

5. Natural materials 

The integration of natural resources in a decor is usually a sign of prestige and comfort. Woods, stones and metals have a great value in the architecture and design industry. Learning to use raw products is definitely an art.

Even if the material colors are more soft than bold, they have a texture, a shape and a finish that are good to exploit. The integration of these natural materials in a design project is essential and what is more in vogue than ever is to use them in a rustic way, in all their simplicity.

Whether it is for a flooring or a decorative wall, we can assure you that these materials are timeless. A great decor should normally combine raw and imperfect resources and a perfect linear architecture.

6. Pantone 2019 color 

Actual and precursor for color selection, Pantone proposes this year a vivifying color : Living Coral 16-1546.

Reassuring and warm, coral color can be used in different spaces. For example, we can dress our bedroom with it or entirely cover our bathroom’s walls for a beautiful and comforting space.

Furthermore, a simple coral accent wall brings a slight of lightness and energy. The key is to see beyond the color and understand the benefits and the emotions that it evokes.

7. Tone-on-tone colors 

Trends are continually moving. Everyday inspirations come from travels, fashion and new technologies, in other words, from what’s actual to define a new design concept.

For the New Year, we could inspire ourselves with tone-on-tone, Instagram filters. Creating one color decor, but playing with tones, patterns and textures.

It’s really interesting to play with shades in a room because it really creates a feeling, more than anything.

8. Formats

From now on, we dare and we stand out! A successful decor is thoughtful and different.

This year, we are proposing you to play with formats and shapes. We leave aside classic wood flooring or 12 x 12 porcelain tile for the complete bathroom’s floor.

We can find many varieties of wood, ceramic and natural stone for our home, so let’s be creative to design wonderful and unique spaces that look like you.

A different tile laying is usually a positive addition to a property.

9. Art Deco style 

Art deco style will always be a great design movement, but this year, we use it in a more subtle way.

This unique decorative style is characterized by geometric shapes, bright colors and volumes.

This style, whether it’s designed with straight lines or curves, is definitely a must to dynamize a space!

Even if it’s for most of the time, an exuberant style with a lot of flourishes, try it with moderation to not overload a room.

10. Textures

One of the keys for a great design is to mix textures.

Of course, we pay a lot of attention to colors, but textures have as well a great importance in order to create a style.

We find a lot of interesting textures through wallpapers, carpets, windows dressing and other fabrics. Textures can give a room an enlargement effect, bring warmth, dynamized and even more.

In other words, they are complementary to every color you choose to dress your home, so pay special attention and have fun with it!

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