Discover an amazing house flipping created by Samuel Langlais, made with our ceramic tiles exclusively!

Discover an amazing house flipping created by Samuel Langlais, made with our ceramic tiles exclusively!

Photo credit : Sarah Dagenais

You’ve probably heard the expression to flip a house. The concept is simple, it’s about buying a property, to entirely renovate it and to sell it back.

A contractor 

Since many years, we are seeing a craze for property flips. Some people are doing it full-time, this is the case of Samuel Langlais, a contractor in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, owner of two companies: DSP, specialized in real estate development and Le Chantier Général, a company dedicated to residential renovation.

” Basically, I’m a general contractor, so I’m very familiar with the construction industry and the buildings in Montreal. When I flip, I pay close attention to details because I like to offer a durable and quality product. I am doing the complete renovation of my buildings. This is a refurbishment, even in plumbing, insulation, electricity and window changes. “

A passion

What fascinates Samuel the most is the creation of artistic projects. An interest that he developed early in his life when he started carpentry.

” Even when I was very young, I always knew that I wanted to create art projects and be my own boss. Because it’s a passion, I do not feel like I’m working. In addition to having a great team, I have the chance to share this passion and work with my girlfriend. “

To be well surrounded

If anyone can get into the house flipping adventure, not everyone succeeds, says Samuel. The contractor admits having a great advantage: he knows very well interior renovation. His only subcontractors are an electrician and a plumber!

According to him, it is important to educate us and surround us with competent people in the field of real estate before starting a large project, for example, a real estate broker, a mortgage broker, a general contractor, inspector etc.

“I’ve already heard horror stories where people go into debt and fail because of unforeseen contingencies, such as a bad house foundation.

Duplex project

Photo credit : Sarah Dagenais

Although every flipping project is stimulating for Samuel, he still has a preference for duplex conversion into a single-family home. “There are very few products like ours on the market and that’s what’s most in demand right now. It’s not uncommon to sell them at overbid prices! “

Photo credit : Sarah Dagenais

I’m currently working on a great duplex project. It is a ground floor and a basement. Our ceramics come only from La Tuilerie! I like to use your tiles for the good quality/price. They are beautiful, quality products and are very affordable, which is perfect when making flips. In addition, I often find novelties. “

Photo credit : Sarah Dagenais

One might think that it is better to choose classic and timeless materials for the resale of a property. However, Samuel does not agree. For him, to limit himself to traditional material choices is not an option because he advocates especially the uniqueness of each room and of course, the pleasure of being creative.

Photo credit : Sarah Dagenais

Before laying your own tile, it is important to learn the technique.

“It takes preparation, a game plan. One technique I use is visualization. I imagine myself laying the tiles and this way, I can anticipate potential problems and mistakes. If we want to be autonomous in our approach, we must know how to anticipate the unexpected. “

Photo avec des céramique d'imitation marbre blanch avec une pince a outil

If you feel inspired by the article and you have a sudden desire to renovate your home, or to refresh your bathroom ceramic, remember that the success of your project lies in the planning and the acquisition of knowledge. Knowing how to surround yourself with competent professionals is an art in the field of real estate. To hire a general contractor could save you a lot of trouble.

Watch over the residential market in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie! You could become the proud owners of a home renovated by Samuel Langlais!

Samuel Langlais

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