5 Ceramic Trends in 2023

5 Ceramic Trends in 2023

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As Le Corbusier, famous architect and designer, said: The home should be the treasure chest of living. There are so many ways to decorate your home, and choosing the right ceramic is one of them. In 2023, the ceramic trends take us through various styles. So let’s have fun selecting the perfect ceramic colour, texture and size to design your interior. 

1- Terracotta tones and shades  

Ceramic Trends 2023 - Terracotta Tones

Ready to warm things up? Terracotta shades and tones are in the spotlight in 2023. We can fill our homes with warm earthy colours like terracotta and matching tones, such as greys and other natural shades like beige and wooden textures. We can even go boldly with an olive green and terracotta blend. This sure is a colour to add to your home decor this year. 

2- Oversized Tiling

Ceramic Trends 2023 - Large size Tile
Ceramic Trends 2023 - XXL tiles
Ceramic Trends 2023 - Oversized Tiling

Let’s see big! XXL tiles are super trendy in 2023. And by XXL, we are speaking at least 24 x 48 or 32 x 32, which can be found in various styles: wallpaperpatterned ceramic, metal-effect tiles and even concrete-imitation collections. Plus, one of the advantages of choosing oversized tiling is that they are easier to clean due to fewer joints, and they give the illusion of a larger room. However, installing oversized ceramic tiles can be fairly more challenging or expensive if you hire a professional to do it. 

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3- 3D-Textured Ceramic

Ceramic Trends 2023 - 3D-Textured Tiles
Ceramic Trends 2023 - 3D-Textured Ceramic

This is a trend to keep in mind! 3D-textured ceramic tiling. Although not a new type of product, textured tiles are definitely making their way to the top trends in 2023, especially those with big or small geometric shapes. They make great wall ceramic options, such as for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, giving extra personality to the room.

4- Natural Vibe 

Ceramic Trends 2023 - Natural Vibe
Ceramic Trends 2023 - Natural Colors

Bringing the outdoors indoors continues in 2023 with a wide array of nature-inspired colours and materials. By natural colours, we refer to soft light tones like beige, greige and grey tones, as well as blue green or sage, and natural-looking products like wood-effect and stone-imitation tiles. This trend brings a feeling of serenity, softness, and calmness into our homes. Plus, with the growing effect of climate change in the past years, home design trends move towards using more sustainable materials, making ceramic a great option. It withstands external shocks and scratches, is water-resistant and easy to clean, and remains in perfect shape for years. 

5- Silky Matte Finish

Ceramic Trends 2023 - Silky Matte Finish
Ceramic Trends 2023 - Tiles with Silky Matte Finish

Finishing our top 5 with the finish! In 2023, the silky matte finish truly stands out. Soft, but not glossy, it has a smooth mate surface, a little bit like the touch of silky skin. This ceramic finish is super easy to clean compared to other finishes, and is perfect for all applications: walls, backsplashes and even floors. 

While trends come and go, ceramic is a timeless material. But one thing is for sure: whether you like to go with the flow or leave the trends for others, the #1 thing to remember is to create a home of your own that you will love.  


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