5 tiling trends for kitchen backsplashes

5 tiling trends for kitchen backsplashes

Do you want to renovate or freshen up the appearance of your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Why not pick out a new kitchen backsplash? Situated between the cabinets and your countertop, the backsplash is one of the elements of the room that sets the tone for your decor. Since the kitchen is an important part of the family home where delicious meals are made and shared, you should give it an atmosphere in your image. Let’s take a look at five tiling trends for your kitchen backsplash that might give you some good ideas and change the atmosphere in your room.



To give an artistic, eccentric touch to the room, choose patterns for your tile kitchen backsplash. Geometric patterns, mosaics of patterns inspired by the world, or even motifs with vibrant colours – dare to think outside the box when it comes to your kitchen. Don’t hesitate to mix the patterns over the entire surface or differentiate them on each section of the wall to have a unique room. Taking the place of wallpaper, patterns will dress up the room and give it a dynamic look.


Irregular formats

For a fun and contemporary kitchen style, you can also choose a kitchen backsplash made of irregular, hexagonal, round, or diamond-shaped tiles and even lay them differently, in chevrons or diagonals. You can lay the tiles up to the ceiling of the room to achieve a feeling of grandeur or stack the tiles for a three-dimensional side. If your kitchen is small, you can also choose tiles made of magnetic sheet metal that will let you slide utensils or glass tiles for an enlarging effect.



To give an old, rough look to your kitchen, opt for imitation wall tiles in cement, brick, or stone. Vintage tiles, such as the elegant and understated Metro tiles, will also seduce you. They give a beautiful look to any kitchen at an affordable price. Rectangular and often white, Metro tiles hark back to the New York subway of the last century. Classic and timeless, they’re easy to maintain and are therefore the models preferred by people who cook full time! They can also be combined with any other material for a feel that mixes the vintage and the modern.

Imitation wood

Equally suitable for decorating the kitchen in your cottage and the one in your urban apartment, imitation wood tiles bring a warm, intimate quality to your room. Since wood is a delicate and understated material, it will be the best ally of a desired rustic or Zen atmosphere. It can also be broken down into irregular tile formats to free you up from ordinary installation.

Marble or imitation marble

A timeless natural material, marble is a trend that’s found everywhere, especially in the kitchen. Much like ceramics, marble is generally available in the form of tiles and can be installed just as easily. It will therefore bring a refined style and a delicate elegance to the room, for a luxurious kitchen! You can also opt for porcelain stoneware, which provides the same effect but is a bit more affordable.

Finally, if you want to keep understated tiling while adding an original touch to it, consider playing around with the materials! Always trendy, integrate a black chalkboard into your backsplash with neutral tiling. Both practical and decorative, this will let everyone express themselves and regularly modify the style of the kitchen thanks to your creativity! It will give a lively, artsy feel to the room while preserving the elegant, understated side that you hold dear.