7 Inspiring Women

7 Inspiring Women

We recently got acquainted with 7 women who work in the world of interior design. Their projects and their passions are very inspiring! You definitely have to follow them! They also all chose their favorite tiles at La Tuilerie. Discover these women and learn more about what influences their style.

1 – Karine Roy – Design by Ka

Karine is an interior designer since 2012 and created her business Design by_Ka to be able to combine her passions; traveling and creating. Through personalized consultations, she helps her clients using her natural caregiver personality to inform and guide them about design.

Her mandate? Helping people to create a space that looks like them where they will love to live. She also provides support through their renovations and decoration projects.

Karine has also a blog and is present on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) where she shares her inspirations, informations about trends and planning tips.

Her favorite tiles at La Tuilerie are the ones of our beautiful series Craft (discontinued)! ‘’Its ethnic look makes me think of travels. Its raw finish and its print of fabrics imitation bring warmness and authenticity to a room. I love natural textures of boho decors, Craft would be perfect for one of my projects!’’

2 – Brigitte Poitras – idéco

You may have already seen Brigitte on TV in these following programs: Bye-Bye Maison! and Chic Shack. Brigitte has always been passionate about decoration, architecture and design, long before she works in the field!

Since her childhood, she’s been surrounded by a world of colors and creativity thanks to her dad who is a reputed graphic designer in Québec. She’s been working in the field of decoration and design for over 20 years!

Now, Brigitte shares her passion, not only through her TV shows, but also by offering her services via her design company idéco, and through her blog in which she writes about trends, decoration and interior design.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram too!

Her favorite at La Tuilerie? The series Twenties (discontinued)!

3 – Mélanie Voyer

Interior stylist and lifestyle blogger, Melanie is a lover of beautiful things and is a healthy food addict. On her blog and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), she shares inspirations but also design tips, shopping, travel good deals, recipes, and lovely family moments. In a word, Melanie lives beautifully exactly like her slogan.

Melanie came to visit us at La Tuilerie to choose her favorite tile! She quickly spotted our beautiful Brazilian slate in the 3×12 format! She loved the nature of the slate and the chevron pattern on one of our panels.

4 – Émilie Desjarlais – Brook & Peony

Emilie is a Montrealer who has the soul of an artist. Her artistic project, Brook & Peony, is about interior decoration, illustration, painting and stylism. Inspired by past, travels, her love for the city and nature, each project is meticulously realized to embellish your interior and to convey a part of her story

Discover her beautiful photographs on her Instagram page which is sure to inspire you. She also shares sweet moments with her daughter Brook who will make your heart melt!

Emilie’s favorite is the Evolution series with its subway tiles!

5 – Marylou Girard Bouchard – Joli Joli Design

Passionate about design for a number of years, Marylou is the editor-in-chief of the website Joli Joli Design. She creates, among other things, contents for social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) on which her posts are about sharing current trends and inspirations!

Exploring design in all its forms (architecture, interior design, objects design, graphic design…), Joli Joli Design has quickly become an important platform in the Quebecer web landscape. The
blog stands out by a trendy vision which promotes local creations approaching the different design and architecture spheres.

A store to discover, a lovely house for sale, decoration ideas, an architecture firm which designs a home or incredible products created by a Quebecer designer, the editorial line of Joli Joli Design is very broad and brings a lot of design discoveries every day.

The series Factory Hexagon (discontinued) is Marylou’s favorite!

6 – Sophia Gauthier Brancoli – La Brancoli Design

Sophia has the ambition of making Quebecer interior design evolve by bringing a new vision, colored by her European and South American origins. She founded La brancoli design two years ago, an interior design business where she and her team succeed in creating unique living spaces adapted to the customers’ needs.

In addition to offering residential and commercial design services, the business has an online store which allows everyone to discover exclusive handmade quality products, from here and elsewhere. Also, don’t be surprised if you see the name of the business in recipes books as Sophia regularly participates to culinary stylism projects!

Do you want to see more? Try her social media! (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

The mosaics Urban are the favorites of Sophia!

7 – Stéphanie Guéritaud – Déconome

Stéphanie loves La Tuilerie! That’s why she came back to La Tuilerie to choose her new favorite series in our branch of Outremont. This time, she chose the beautiful new patterned series More (discontinued)!

For those who don’t know her yet, Stéphanie is a decoration stylist and journalist and also has a blog; Déconome.

Passionate about decoration, especially when it’s creative and affordable, Stéphanie shares her tips and ideas for inexpensive decorations and even renovations! ‘’I think that it’s often more clever to spend money by enriching ourselves with travels, education, art and culture than by impoverishing ourselves because of an unrestrained consumption of things that the decoration trends drives us to. Nevertheless, I believe that living in a beautiful environment that looks like us is balm for our souls. Design and decoration also have the function of making us dream and improving our daily life.’’

Stéphanie is also very active on her Facebook Page, her Pinterest page and her Instagram page, so follow her for more inspirations!

What about you? If you had to choose your favorite tiles at La Tuilerie, which series would it be?

We hope that Karine, Brigitte, Melanie, Emilie, Marylou, Sophia and Stéphanie inspire you as much as they inspire us!

Don’t hesitate to contact them to seek advice for your interiors, and if you like their favorites tiles, you can still find them at all of our branches!