5 creative patterns for your tiles

5 creative patterns for your tiles

Are you tired of interiors that look alike? Tired of classic tiles always placed in the same way on floors and walls? Here are 5 imaginative solutions that will set you apart from the crowd!

1. Herringbone pattern

Série Woodmood

The herringbone pattern is so popular that it has almost become a classic! However, these tiles, installed in a wheat ears or in v-shape, are still very creative. This pattern creates a very contemporary effect in the room. The herringbone pattern highlights any color palette and gives a unique look to your floor!

2. Vertical tiles

Série Handmade

The vertical installation of subway tiles (like the Hand Made for example) is usually unexpected. Installed this way, they give the impression of having higher ceilings and having a larger room. Installing subway tiles this way is a timeless classic.

3. Basket weave pattern

The basket weave pattern looks a bit like a woven checkerboard. It may be an uncommon way to install tiles, but surely is beautiful! Very popular among designers, the basket weave pattern gives your interior an original touch. Perfect for long wood tiles imitation like the Worn Wood series on the picture above, this pattern could also look great with a more classic looking tile like the HandMade series.

4. Diagonal tiles

Série Handmade

For those who don’t know, subway tiles have been anchored in the interior design world for long time. The main reason is that many patterns are possible with these simple rectangular tiles. After the classic brick pattern, the herringbone pattern, the basket weave pattern and the vertical pattern, here is the diagonal pattern!   

This layout of diagonal tiles offers an amazing overturned effect! Visually striking, this eye catching pattern sublimates your decor in addition of creating a magnitude effect.

5. Stacked tiles

The stacked pattern is another way to set rectangular tiles (Evolution or Bright). Most commonly applied with subway tiles, stacked tiles is one of the easiest and also one of the most popular ways of installing them! If you want a clean and classic look, you should probably go for this kind of design.

Because all tiles are aligned, the grout forms a grid. This works for both horizontal and vertical installations. This is an opportunity to choose a contrasting grout that will emphasize this grid effect and will give a pretty sleek look.

If you find that your decor is missing a little flair, know that tiles are a good and simple way to make a great impression. Which pattern would you choose now that you are well informed? 😉