Discover why Geneviève O’Gleman chose La Tuilerie for her new studio.

Discover why Geneviève O’Gleman chose La Tuilerie for her new studio.

“It’s not just a workspace; it’s a living space: it’s a place to cook and have a good time.”

This month, La Tuilerie invites you to check out the new studios of nutritionist Geneviève O’Gleman’s web magazine Savourer. The partnership developed organically and paved the way for a beautiful, inspiring creative space for the Savourer teams.

The team brings you in for a look at their stylish new studios with a natural, minimalist décor. This Mid-Century-style building has been completely envisioned and designed by Geneviève and the designers from Buk & Nola.

Here’s an in-depth look at this impressive renovation, where clean lines combine with Geneviève O’Gleman’s green, sustainable values

Photo Geneviève O'Gleman dans sa cuisine de studio
Photo de la salle principale du nouveau studio de genevi

La Tuilerie, the Clear Choice

“When I saw the spaces on your social networks and your website, I immediately wanted our studio to be in one of your décors”

“When I started the renovation process for our facilities, it was complicated. There are many things to know and consider… But with La Tuilerie, I immediately felt supported. The help is personalized and friendly. The design advisors explained everything clearly in layman’s terms,” she says.

Inspiring, welcoming and expertise are the three words that define La Tuilerie according to Geneviève.

“I knew that La Tuilerie offered products from Quebec manufacturers: wood, flooring, grout, glue and even tools. That’s exactly what I was looking for—a company that prioritizes buying locally,” says Geneviève O’Gleman.

Shared Values

“Both when selecting the ingredients for a recipe and when choosing construction materials for my studio, I always look for the best choice based on my environmental values. I wanted to support local businesses that share the same values as Savourer. With La Tuilerie, I did just that,” she says.

Geneviève and La Tuilerie share a common goal: consuming better and living better while making cooking and renovations accessible.

At Savourer, Wood is King!

Wood is the preferred material of Quebecers and a key material for minimalist atmospheres; at Savourer, it appears in the studios in various forms, such as decorative objects and furnishings. But it makes a striking impression on the studio floors.

“I wanted tough, durable flooring that meshed with the values that Savourer promotes—sustainability, responsibility and environmental friendliness. But with so many choices, I was quickly lost. Naturally, La Tuilerie was able to offer me many products from local companies that have adopted responsible, sustainable practices: selective harvesting, converting wood waste into fuels, and so on. In short, I immediately said ‘yes’ because that’s exactly what I promote with Savourer: I compost and revitalize leftovers to make quick, simple recipes.”

Sustainable, Responsible Floors: A Key Aspect of Geneviève’s Flooring Choices

For her studio and the offices on the ground floor, Geneviève set her sights on the Maple Tradition collection with a natural finish.

This hardwood is the perfect choice to create a striking effect in a minimalist, spare décor. In addition to being manufactured in Quebec (Papineauville), this hardwood comes from forests involved in what is known as vertically integrated manufacturing processes: wood goes directly from the forest to the floor.

Geneviève chose the most natural shade to enhance her natural, minimalist decoration. Other shades are also available. The natural beige of the wood blends perfectly with the light-grey tiles of the Haus collection in the main kitchen.

For the basement, office and relaxation spaces, Geneviève went with vinyl. Vinyl is the best alternative to hardwood for spaces such as basements and humid areas or to create a wood-like effect while staying within your budget. The Dubai collection was the Savourer teams’ hands-down selection from among a hundred other choices.

Other decorative elements illustrate this successful mix and match where wood and ceramic tiles in neutral, natural hues rub shoulders with colourful furniture. At Savourer, the studio vibe contrasts with the graceful, natural atmosphere for a pleasing visual experience.

It goes without saying that the natural, minimalist style is the star of today’s interiors. Geneviève has been able to tap into this décor trend based on her own tastes while heeding her green, sustainable values for her new studios.