Hexagonal tiles: How do you incorporate them in all the rooms of the house?

Hexagonal tiles: How do you incorporate them in all the rooms of the house?

Hexagonal tiles are widely used today. These very decorative tiles come in a wide array of colours and textures. Their beautiful shape is perfect in all the rooms of our homes: wall, floor, backsplash, bathroom and entrance. Thehave a look that adapts to all rooms’ walls and floors. They imbue floors with original character. In an entrance, living room or bedroom, these versatile tiles are eye-catching. In short, everything about them is good. Find out how to adopt them in any room of your house.  

In the Kitchen or Bathroom

This is where we find them most often: hexagonal tiles work perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Draw from the Kromatica collection’s colour palette, and put them together. In colour gradations or randomly alternating colours, you will quickly create a visually stunning, stylish space. With their many colours and styles, you can discerningly decorate your walls and floors. 

tuile de la collection kromatica couleur vert d'eau et bleu clair

Do you want something with a sleeker look? A more minimalist bathroom or backsplash? Go with white hexagonal tiles. In mosaic or × 7, they will immediately give your space a spare, classic style. 

inspiration salle de bain avec mur de mosaique hexagonales blanches 1x1

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In an Entrance or Hallway 

représentation d'une tuile hexagonae noir, blanche et grise dans une entrée de maison

Hexagonal tiles are a perfect format for delineating different spaces.

Thanks to their durability, whether they are in your entryway or lead to your front door, you will enjoy them even during a snowstorm or days with heavy rain. 

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Do you want to integrate hexagonal tiles into your entry while keeping the charm of your wood floor? Hexagonal tiles are the ideal format for pairing wood and ceramic tiles.

The combination of tiles and wood provides a covering that is beautiful.


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Integration into a Wall or Nook 

For the less daring, hexagonal tiles fit perfectly throughout your home’s interior.

Inlaying a hexagonal mosaic frieze on a wall creates a resolutely decorative visual break.

Dare to create the contrast of larger format tiles with hexagonal tiles! Whether on a wall or as part of a shower nook, the combination creates a beautiful decorative ensemble. 

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In short, hexagonal tiles have their place in any style of interior.

They showcase the available space and bring a touch of elegance and vibrancy. These versatile tiles offer many potential combinations. You can install them on floors or walls.