Heated floors: A winning combination

“We should have made that choice a long time ago!” do we often hear at La Tuilerie from clients who have installed a heating floor system in one of their rooms at home.

It is a fact that those who have opted for a radiant electric floor heating system will tell you that you would not do without it once you know and feel the benefits! This type of heating system is especially well adapted to the use of ceramic tiles since they offer an excellent conductivity for the heat produced by the electrical wire they cover.

Installing a heating floor system is also a wise choice as far as energy efficiency is concerned. You can save up to 15% in electricity consumption with such a system since you can lower the ambient temperature from 2 to 3 degrees without any loss of perceived comfort. It is also a healthy choice as it passive and doesn’t move air including dust.

An elegant and efficient solution

On top of its inherent advantages, a heated floor made from tiles gives you almost infinite possibilities when it comes to create the décor you are looking for. Nowadays, tiles are offered in such a fantastic variety of styles, sizes and colors that you can let your imagination run free. Let’s not forget that a heating floor system can also help to free up some space in a smaller room where you can eliminate a cumbersome electrical baseboard.

Not only for bathrooms

Whether it is for a new home or an existing one, the bathroom is the first room that comes to mind for the installation of a heating floor system, and with good reason. There are other places that are very well suited for such a system, especially in our Nordic homes. “The hallway is perfect for a heating floor system” says Guy Bourduas of La Tuilerie. “It is an efficient way to keep this space dry and warm in winter”, he adds. “Not only do you benefit from a superior comfort level but it is an affordable alternative as in most cases hallways have relatively small surfaces”.

A few guidelines to remember

A heating floor system can be installed in any room. The important thing is to prepare well with good planning, especially in a renovation project. For example, the installation of the heating wire, the cement and the tiles will elevate your floor. You will have to plan accordingly to provide for a door opening or a transition to another room or space of a lower level.


Otherwise, all you have to do is to provide us with the exact dimensions of the room where your future heating floor system will be installed when you come to La Tuilerie. We will be able to determine precisely what is required for your project. This is an important part since the heating system comes with heating wires in predetermined lengths that cannot be cut or modified in any way. As such, you cannot drill a hole in a tile once the installation is complete as there would be a risk of fatal damage to the wire. So, for example, if you need to install a door stopper on your floor, you can simply use some glue to do the job.

Anyone with a little experience with home projects can install a heating floor system. You just need to be methodical and to have the right tools such as a cutting tool for tiles. The electrical connexions of the system should be done be a qualified electrician for your safety and for insurance purposes, which goes for any electrical installation.

Finally, remember that our experienced personal can assist you and answer your questions regarding the installation of a heating floor system at any time.

Like many who have adopted a heating floor system, we are confident that you will also say “Why didn’t we do it sooner?”