Mosaics in the kitchen!

Mosaics in the kitchen!

Mosaics have always been in fashion.  Now, happily, mosaic styles are becoming more modern and beautiful!

Simply peruse the list of our mosaics series to find your perfect match! There is something for every taste! Colors, shapes, textures, shiny or matte finishes, there is a great variety of choices. Mosaics are often chosen for kitchen backsplashes, with good reason!  They can bring the touch of modern style, or color that you look for.

Dare to use creative shapes !

Tired of the typical square or rectangular formats? If it is your case, then you will love the series that we are going to show you!

The Flat Marquis series and its triangular shape are very up-to-date. Indeed, geometric shapes are trendy, and triangles even more so. Why not in mosaics? With a geometrical backsplash and colours as simple as the black and white, your kitchen will look like a Pinterest kitchen! The Cubica series emphasizes the geometrical style too, forming small cubes thanks to these diamond-shaped mosaics.

cubica mosaïques

Drops are, as their name says, a drop-shaped mosaics series. This beautiful and special pattern will soften a kitchen backsplash as the series Fan does with its rounded shape of scale.

fan mosaïques

Pop is round! With this series, we totally forget subway tiles that we tend to see everywhere. So, these mosaics are perfect for all those who look for creativity and who will want to surprise their guests with a pattern that we don’t see very often.

pop mosaïques

The series Arabesque entices people thanks to its mediterranean, or even oriental, style. By their shape, these mosaics make one think about the warm ambiance of the mediterranean countries, and bring a sober touch of modern style, thanks to their simple colors.

Play with materials and textures

Thanks to their more or less limited space, kitchen backsplashes allow a little fanciful touch in the design level. Indeed, it is the occasion to dare to use flashy colors, creative shapes as we saw earlier, or even different materials and textures that contrast with the others from the rest of the room.

The mosaics of the series 3D Hexagone perfectly deliver the goods. As we can guess by their name, these mosaics are embossed and give volume on a hexagonal base. Once more, the very trendy geometric style is perfectly represented here.

3dhex mosaïques

Besides its creative shape which makes think of small open books, the series Book Ends is made of glass, itself made with differents finishes: transparent, matte and textured. A beautiful mix of finishes for a trendy look! That is combined with a color put in the back to highlight the beauty of the material, like the series Karma, which is actually made of glass.

karma mosaïques

Metal Strip is, as its name says, a mosaics series composed metal strips, which alternate with glass strips. This mix of materials makes these mosaics very modern, and even give them a somewhat futuristic look.

metal mosaïques

The series New Hex, for its part, looks more simple but is no less subtle! These mosaics series, made of white ceramic only, plays with details. The hexagons bear three different embossed patterns, that adds an artistic touch to their clean style.

new hexagones mosaïques

Once again, mosaics backsplashes are a way to add a more fanciful, creative touch to your room, without making it too clash with the other rooms of your house. Let yourself follow your tastes and desires to create the ideal backsplash for your kitchen!

Don’t hesitate to come and see our mosaics series in stores. It is the best way to find inspiration and make your choice.