Trendy shapes of 2018

Trendy shapes of 2018

La Tuilerie has begun the year with beautiful new series! And among these, you can find tiles and mosaics of many shapes! We have something for many different styles, perfect to brighten or update your interior decor.

Timeless subway tiles

Each year, the classic subway tiles find their way back into the year’s trends.

Rectangular, white or colorful, large or thin, these tiles are a must! In most cases, they are chosen for kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls. They are both simple and modern and showcase a trendy urban look!

This year, some of our new subway tiles differ from the others. Our series Handmade for example, gives a less classic look thanks to its carved edges and its bumpy finish.

hand made nude

Hexagons : growing in popularity

Our hexagonal tiles are part of our best sellers, and for good reason! Their shape is becoming more and more trendy; different from rectangular and square tiles that we are used to see. Hexagonal tiles keep a homogeneity and regularity without too much eccentricity in the final look. Combining this style with concrete will create a perfect modern decor!


Some can have an elongated hexagonal shape that gives an even trendier effect!


If you want a more outrageous look, you can also find patterned hexagonal tiles like the series Bibulca, which is far from being ordinary! By the way, this series is one of the favourites of the 6 interior design bloggers that we suggest you to follow!

Travel thanks to arabesques

Usually in small format, arabesque-shaped tiles transport us into a baroque or Mediterranean universe depending on your interior style. This uncommon, creative shape is very beautiful and dignified. Its exotic look will seduce your guests.

provenzale arabesques

Geometric mosaics

As showcased in one of our latest articles, our new mosaics are artistic and are absolutely perfect for kitchen backsplashes. Especially if you want to add a touch of fancy to your simple interior.

flat marquis tuiles mosaïques

Many are geometric-shaped. Triangle, diamond, hexagon, square, these shapes are very current! In fact, the latest trend is a contemporary decor with bright colors and geometric shapes.

The delicacy of the rounded ones

Rounded shapes are more prevalent in mosaics than any other tile. Our rounded mosaics Pop are a great example. Used in small surfaces, these small circles are ideal for a kitchen backsplash or a shower or bath wall. This shape adds a touch of softness and purity to your room, even more so when combined with pale colors.

Another rounded shape which will cause a stir are scales, with a more creative and modern look.


fan mosaïques dosseret

A new collection of mosaics in glass paste is coming soon, and it’s beautiful! With an oval shape and a marble imitation pattern, these mosaics will bring grace to your room.



2018 brings with it a breath of fresh air and all you need to have fun with your interior design projects. Be spontaneous, don’t hesitate to dare, to try new things, and to move out of the ordinary thanks to these trendy shapes which will continue to grow in popularity!