Pictured: a cottage renovation on the South Shore

Pictured: a cottage renovation on the South Shore

Discover a renovation of almost all the rooms of a cottage located on the South Shore!
A new, contemporary design created by Valérie DL’Étoile. 

Photo: © Valérie De L’Étoile Photography 


After redesigning almost all the rooms of the house, these longstanding clients now wanted to renovate their kitchen. 

During a previous project, Valérie De L’Étoile had planned to reduce the adjacent living room to make the kitchen more spacious and contemporary. By expanding the kitchen and removing the wall that separated it from the dining room, Valérie could reorient the island to add stools in place of the old dining area. 

By adding a deep storage area all along the wall of the new refrigerator, the space is now adapted so as not to need wall cupboards. This helps create a clear look highlighting the backsplash and the restaurant-style range hood. 

Since the clients preferred different styles—she is a bit more traditional, while he is more appreciative of sleek lines—Valérie was able to strike the perfect balance with white, minimalist, shaker-style doors and timeless, high-quality materials. A new, contemporary design that will remain current for several years! 


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Liva white 24 x 24 – $3.49 /sq.ft. – View Product

Avorio Bianco 12 x 24 – $2.49 /sq.ft. – View Product

Stardust Milk Soft 30 x 30 – $5.89 /sq.ft – View Product

The backsplash

Wavy-effect subway tile that offers multiple possibilities. 
These tiles evoke the beauty and elegance of hand-worked clay.  

HandMade Snow, 2 x 10 – $5.99 /sq.ft. – View Product 


A few words about Valérie De L’Étoile 

“All my life, I’ve been immersed in renovation! So, it’s with passion that, since 2005, I’ve made it my profession. My goal is to offer my clients a timeless, elegant interior in their image while maximizing their investment.” 

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