Tiles look: The trendiest materials

Tiles look: The trendiest materials

Nowadays, you can find a lot of styles of tiles for your walls and floors, but some looks and materials stand a head above the crowd. Discover the 5 trendiest materials of the moment.


Wood was, is, and will be trendy for a long time to come. It’s a timeless material that everybody loves! We all have wood at home, on the floor, as furniture, some people even have it on their walls! Wood is a natural and warm material that offers a feeling of calm and comfort. That’s why so many of us love cottages! It’s also why tiles that imitate wood are so popular! Scrapwood (discontinued product), Worn Wood (discontinued product), or recently Shangai (discontinued product), our ceramic tiles series that imitate wood are among our best sellers!


Marble is also a timeless material. Appreciated by bourgeois families for a very long time, in modern times marble is more and more present in modest homes thanks to excellent and beautiful porcelain imitations. That’s not all! Lately, the ‘’marble pattern’’ is everywhere and on everything! Crockery, notebooks, phone cases… It seems that the marble aspect is really attractive. So how can’t we fall in love with our tiles Luxury Stone (discontinued product) and Pietra Pulpis (discontinued product)?


The slate look of certain tiles delights us with its realistic textures and shades that give the impression of a real and natural stone, which slate is. Slate’s raw and natural aspect brings simplicity and elegance into minimalist or contemporary interiors. The slate look will certainly delight you if you love dark and punchy colors, like the ones of our series Waterfall, Ardesia (discontinued product) and Stone Mix (discontinued product).

For purists, our real Brazilian slate tiles Montauk won’t disappoint you. this series offers 5 different formats including the 3’’x12’’ that can be installed in a chevron pattern. A trendy combination!


Metal tiles have not gone unnoticed, particularly in the world of mosaics! With a modern, industrial or even futuristic look, metal mosaics’ beauty is enhanced when combined with a mix of different finishes. Metal can be smooth and bright, brushed, satin etc… Our series Metal Strip (discontinued product) is composed of glass mosaics and brushed metal mosaics. It is perfect for industrial-looking kitchens backsplashes.

Moreover, contrary to what we could think, no special cleaner is required for metal tiles. You will be able to clean them exactly the same way you clean your ordinary tiles.


Glass is particularly trendy in mosaics. It can have different finishes and constitutes creative textures mixes like the series Book Ends (discontinued product).

We also find it in the form of glass paste that gives it an opaque effect like the series Lava Wall (discontinued product). Finally, glass mosaics are sometimes mixed with stone mosaics like marble. It’s the case of our series Marble Weave (discontinued product).

These mosaics perfectly suit a kitchen backsplash.

You now know the top 5 trends regarding tiles! To conclude, modern imitations are growing in popularity because of how well they are made in addition to the certain advantages they offer regarding price and ease of maintenance. Above all, their look reminds us of noble materials and their beauty honor them as well.