5 trendy tiles finishes

5 trendy tiles finishes

Date of publication: May 3rd, 2018.

1. Polished tiles

Polished tiles are undoubtedly the most classy. Chosen for their brightness, they transform your rooms with class. Suitable for small or big rooms, floors or walls, the polished finish adapts to every spaces. Polished tiles are perfect to add light to a room since they naturally reflect it due to their shimmering finish.

Our series Marquinia (discontinued product) perfectly illustrates these qualities thanks to its polished finish combined with a beautiful marble look.

For a more minimalist look, our series Angel’s white polished tiles (discontinued product) are ideal!

2. Frosted tiles

Frosted tiles have a quite different look! First they are polished, then they are frosted, making them look somewhat brighter when you take a closer look. This type of finish gives a discreet sparkling style, and more importantly, makes the surface of the tile more durable. Indeed, possible scratches won’t be visible, contrary to a polished finish, which is a big advantage!

Our series Word Up is a good example! Its large format in 48’’x48’’ brings its finish out and sublimates even more its beauty.

3. Bumpy tiles

Bumpy tiles are very trendy! Suitable only for walls, their bumpy finish gives the impression of depth thanks to the light reflects. Their irregular surfaces also provides a less uniform look and adds a subtle touch of fancy while keeping the same color.

tuiles hand made

This is the case of the series Hand Made subway tiles. They differ from classic subway tiles which are flat or beveled, and they are beautiful!

The series Cloud (discontinued product) has a bumpy finish as well but much softer as not to overlap with its bright colors and pattern effects.

4. Textured tiles

In the textured tile family, we find natural stones like slate or travertine. Their raw appearance emphasizes the natural effect of the stone, making them even more beautiful. Textured ceramics often remind us of stone. These kinds of tiles are ideal for country style interiors, but can also suit classic, contemporary and minimalist interiors, especially when it’s slate or marble imitations.

The series Ardesia (discontinued product), which is a beautiful slate imitation, is perfect for chic and minimalist ambiances. Waterfall and Stone Mix (discontinued product) are beautiful slate imitations too!

Our wood imitations, including the series Scrapwood (discontinued product), have also textures, to make think even more about the real wood.

Sometimes, the textured finish comes from patterns, like the series Rhombus (discontinued product), La Chic (discontinued product) and Bon Ton (discontinued product). Highlighted, patterns are even more apparent. These series will delight details and trendy designs lovers!

5. 3D tiles

Mural 3D tiles are very modern! Their finish is simple, unique and definitely elegant. It’s an underscoring of clear and precise shapes, often geometrical. There are hexagons, cubes or even lines. These 3D shapes give a creative and fun look that we don’t use to see in homes but that is growing in popularity from month to month!

Who will dare 3D tiles then? Crack for our series Absolute White (discontinued product) which is absolutely splendid! Or even for mosaics Pickets (discontinued product) and Fan (discontinued product) which are ideal for creative kitchen backsplashes!