Top 7 Ceramic Tile Trends

Top 7 Ceramic Tile Trends

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Get inspired with our 7 trendiest tile collections this season 🔥

1- The Wallpapers News Collection – For a Wallpaper Effect

The Wallpapers News is one of our latest collections. Floral patterns, colours… Yes, this wallpaper-inspired design is indeed ceramic wall tiling. This is THE trend for interior design in Europe and North America for this year and years to come.


Are you ready for it? Because once you see those boho or rustic patterns, you will not be able to resist adding this Italian porcelain collection to your home design.

La tendance de céramique style papier peint
Tendance : céramique à motifs

2- The Paint Collection – For a Touch of Pastel Softness

Let’s go to an opposite yet exquisitely charming style with the Paint tiling collection. It is available in neutral tones like you see in these nice tonal designs that have been gaining popularity over the past year. And if you feel a little bold, the Paint collection is also available in pink, sage green and grey blue. Add those unique colours to the matte finish of the tile and you get a perfect organic touch for your Mid-Century, Japandi (a mix between Japan and Scandinavia) or  Nordic designs. Another plus to this collection: the price, starting at $5.99/sq.ft!

Tendance céramique : les couleurs pastels
Tendance du moment : le rose pastel

3- The Venexia Collection – For a Timeless Terrazzo Style

Another new collection: the terrazzo-looking Venexia. Coming straight for Italy, it was inspired by the local crafts tradition. A classic yet stylish collection that will stand the test of time.

Tendance céramique : le terrazzo
Tendance céramique : le terrazzo clair

4- The Listo Collection – For a Perfect Warm & Colourful Wood-Look Ambiance

Ready for a unique collection that will take your breath away? If you love the natural beauty of wood, wait until you see it coloured. Explosive! You get porcelain tiles featuring authentic wood grain lines in a beautiful charcoal grey or forest green colour, or in more traditional wood colours. Plus, the Listo’s long but narrow tiles add incredible charm to this collection.

Tendance : la céramique effet bois

5- The Absolute Cement – For an Urban Concrete Look

A sure bet! The Absolute Cement collection has been one of our best sellers for several seasons now. Available in four shades from anthracite to ice, this Italian porcelain tile collection’s appeal relies on its beautiful and practical colour variations (since dirt will not be as apparent as on solid tiles).

salle de bain -La tuilerie
Tendance : céramique look béton gris foncé

6- The Ceppo Di Gre Collection – For an Elegant Natural Stone Finish

The Ivory Ceppo Di Gre also has its place among our best sellers. With its textured finish, it looks like real natural stone. Did you know that the Ceppo Di Gre collection owes its name to the authentic Italian stone? It is perfect to create a more rustic, zen or contemporary decor to fit with your overall interior design.

Tendance : look pierre naturelle Ceppo Di Gre
Tendance : céramique imitation pierre naturelle

7- The Éléments – For a Marble Effect Like No Other

The Éléments collection is an imitation of marble, but not any marble. This tile is unique with its three veining colours: the Nil grey shade referring to water, the gold Brera shade referring to the earth, and the subtil gold/grey Aurora shade referring to the air. It is the perfect tile collection for a modern bathroom, a contemporary kitchen or a classic mudroom.

Tendance : la céramique imitation marbre

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