Green Ceramic Tiles: See our 12 Design Models

Green Ceramic Tiles: See our 12 Design Models

Salle de bain avec céramique vert eau au sol de la collection Kromatica
Salle de bain avec céramique verte sauge au mur
Salle de bain avec céramique vert foncé aux murs de douche
Moodboard avec céramique verte babylone
Dosseret de céramique verte foret de la collection Artisan
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Green, a symbol of nature, freshness, luck, and hope. This color creates a reassuring atmosphere and a sense of trust and relaxation. That’s why it has become a popular choice in our interiors, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or used sparingly in our rooms. A thousand and one options are available to you, and if you’re still hesitating, here is our selection of green ceramics to adopt urgently!

Embrace these exquisite colors! The WADI x Mara Design forms a playful and bright collection, with a matte and soft finish.

Shop the entire WADI x Mara Design collection online.

Medley : céramique terrazzo en 24x24 vert feuille

Explore the unique charm of this beautiful terrazzo. Composed of multiple colored pieces, this porcelain is very easy to assemble and allows for endless combinations: with marble, concrete, color, and much more.

Shop the entire Medley collection online.

Céramique carrée vert émeraude de la collection Sol au mur d'une salle de bain

Textured or not, the Sol collection stands out with its square tiles in an artisanal style. These tiles have straight edges but give the illusion of being irregular, of being handmade.

Shop the entire Sol collection online.

Discover this vibrant wall ceramic. Its “handmade” look simulates the wear of time. It has beautiful color variations that give it character.

Shop the entire Hanoi collection online.

A beautiful glossy finish and beautiful color variations. That’s what makes the charm of the Home Brick ceramic. It will beautifully dress your kitchen walls, your shower, or your bathroom backsplash.

Shop the entire Home Brick collection online.

Douche classique réalisée en céramique

With its pastel and translucent green, this beautiful ceramic has a shiny, refined finish. It’s perfect for kitchen backsplashes or rooms exposed to moisture.
Its sage green colour perfectly matches grey, old rose and gold. 

See the Alchemist 

Salle de bain avec céramique sur les murs

The Cool collection is a feast for the eyes and senses.  
With or without texture, with patterns or solid colours, natural green is the colour of choice for this collection. 

Shop the Cool collection.  

Whether installed on the wall or floor, this pewter green ceramic tile has a charming peacefulness. It imbues your decor with a soothing silence. 

Learn more about the Babylone collection.  

salle de bain avec céramique vert sur les murs

We just couldn’t omit the Riviera collection from our favourite green ceramic tiles. 

This collection offers twelve different colours, including two green shades: a forest green ceramic and a sea green ceramic.
It is THE perfect tile for your shower or backsplash. Whether placed vertically or horizontally, Riviera ceramics offer a unique texture and a design worthy of the most beautiful Pinterest photos.  

Learn more about the Riviera collection.  

Somewhere between grey and green, sage green is on of THE colour of the year.
Sage green is particularly soothing, and that’s why this colour is mainly used in rooms where wellness is a priority.

Did you fall for this colour? Here are three mosaics that are sure to give your interior lots of style : 

Green Mosaic Tiles
Salle de bain avec céramique vert sauge format hexagonale

On an accent wall or your bathroom walls, accompanied by a lighter ceramic on the floor and pink or black accessories, the Kromatica collection’s mint green showcases all designs.  

Shop the Kromatica collection.  

Here’s What you Need to Remember:  

  • Pastel green, sea green or mint green tiles add freshness to your interior and have their place in a bathroom or bedroom. 
  • Pale green ceramics really brighten up rooms.  
  • English, forest or dark green tiles impart a quieter style and will be perfect in a shower or living room and highlight a decor with vintage/old-fashioned accents.  
  • Combine green with a hardwood floor or an imitation concrete floor to create a modern, stylish look.