Top 7 design trends for 2022

Top 7 design trends for 2022

Yes, 2022 is actually here along with some new trends! We already know the colours for this year: Pantone’s Very Peri, Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495 and Sico’s Cool Current. What about 2022’s trends in flooring and materials? The La Tuilerie team has unveiled seven predictions.

1. A healthy dose of organic materials

Natural materials are this year’s stars: wood floors or wood-effect tiles, slate or marble. Natural colours (green, orange, brown, etc.) are also in the limelight, especially in farmhouse or minimalist styles.

2. We’re in an age of streamlining

Lockdowns have left their mark on our interiors. Our homes should make us feel good. That’s why we’re streamlining spaces and seeking a unified look to make rooms more spacious and create soothing interiors. This means large tiles (such as Absolute Cement or Plain), as few joints as possible, and minimalist and zen styles.

3. Bet on the handcrafted look

Whether for a kitchen backsplash or a shower, tiles with a handcrafted look are the new trend. People are drawn to their handmade appearance and colour variations. They can be incorporated into a rustic, classic or contemporary style.

Here is a small selection of products:

Artisanal look: one of 2022's design trends

4. Dare to go neo-retro

For those who want to be bolder and add a splash of colour to their interior, neo-retro is a growing trend. Its many textures and vibrant materials make for a playful, personal atmosphere.

Here are our ideal tiles for a neo-retro decorating:

Tendance design 2022 : le néo-rétro

5. Tone-on-tone: the top design trend for 2022

Tone-on-tone is this year’s star. You tie it all together—the tile’s colour, the grout, the profile, the fittings and all the other aspects of the decor. But to complete a tone-on-tone look, you can add either texture (thanks to Candle or Mosaic tiles, for example), or geometric shapes (with White Limestone or Nex Hex tiles). You can also work with colour shades (with white Anthology, sand natural Bohemian or concrete-effect tiles like Blox).

6. We’re going with warm, light colours

As you just saw with the year’s colour palettes from Sico and Benjamin Moore, there’s going to be a lot of beige, light green and nude. Warm, light colours—regardless of the material—are definitely the trend:

7. Bring out contrasts

In a more contemporary ambiance, have some fun with contrasts. Several tips for this :

  • Use materials with a terrazzo look (Carmy or Veneziane tiles)
  • motifs
  • or by emphasizing a particular shape by making it stand out.

How you follow the trends is up to you. Depending on your project, it can be an important aspect to consider, especially for a flip or rental renovation. Of course, nothing prevents you from drawing inspiration from new trends and making them your own to create a decor that never goes out of style. If you need advice for your project, contact the branch closest to your project. Our team will be delighted to help you.

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