Italian shower : The new trend!

Italian shower : The new trend!

Some beautiful tiles, a contemporary look and a spa atmosphere! We can say it loud, the Italian shower is the new interior design big trend! In addition to being easy to maintain, safe and comfortable, this kind of installation allows a lot of creativity!

Shower 2.0

An Italian shower is normally a borderless installation, open to the bathroom. If several models don’t have partitions, it’s recommended to add a window to protect surrounding materials.

A slight slope on the ground allows the drain to collect wastewater. Warning, this kind of installation requires professional work because not all the bathrooms are built in the same way.

In addition, all materials have to be waterproof and the area has to be hermetic.


Like high-fashion, the Italian shower is custom designed! It definitely gives a luxurious look to your bathroom. Because its minimalist design optimizes the room space, the environment seems less busy, especially when it comes to small bathrooms.

As you may have guessed, the beauty of an Italian shower lies in its simplicity and modernity. With large ceramic tiles, a flawless glass wall and a modern shower column, there you have it!

In addition to being a design element of the bathroom, a linear drain allows the use of large tiles on the floor because it requires a single gradient, unlike a central circular drain, which requires multiple inclines.

For a rustic look, use ceramic wood imitation!

Safe and practical!

The Italian shower is not only a design trend! It’s also a safe installation! Because there are no borders and ceramic is anti-slip, the youngest and the elderly are protected from bad falls. Of course, we opt for a tile with a matte finish. In addition, it’s a good option for people with reduced mobility.

The practical side is not negligible! With the walk-in shower, you finally have the space to circulate without twisting. Who has not dreamt of a shower big enough to move without bumping your elbows, dropping bottles of shampoo, or clinging in the faucet?

Italians have understood it, the maintenance of the shower must be done quickly and efficiently! A little bit of soap and water on the ceramic are enough for cleaning it. Practical tip, a built-in faucet optimizes the space dedicated to the shower, but also minimizes the accumulation of limestone, some surfaces being hidden.


This article has not yet sealed your thirst for luxurious shower? Well here are some suggestions to access to the ultimate comfort!

Nothing is more unpleasant than bare feet on a cold tile, especially in winter! Pamper your feet and provide a Schluter floor heating system to your bathroom that keeps you warm before, during and after your shower! This technology heats the room in a homogeneous way and allows a reduction of the ambient temperature by 2 to 3 degrees compared to a traditional heating system.

Warm lighting can also be placed on the ceiling to enhance the comfort of the most chilly!

If you’re tired of waiting for your sweet half to release the shower in the morning, why not fix two faucets on the wall if space allows it?

Will the Italian shower be part of your next renovations?