Avoid stress factors when renovating

Avoid stress factors when renovating

Renovating our home generates a lot of stress. If conciliating work and family is not an easy thing, imagine having to manage a renovation project on top of that! Sure thingpreparation is the key to reduce anxiety 

1. A budget for contingencies 

Knowing to anticipate contingencies when renovating can reduce stress.

Because a lot of people are involved in the renovation process and because we can’t control everything, it’s recommended to put aside a financial cushion equivalent to 15% of the total amount dedicated to renovations, especially if you’re remodeling an old house. This way, if you have to face unexpected problems, you won’t be caught off guard and your bank account will stay happy.

Frequent contingencies :

  • Broken materials
  • A defective plumbing
  • Mold contamination
  • House foundation issues

2. Increase your home value 

It’s not a secret anymore, renovated kitchens and bathrooms are significantly increasing the property value.

Don’t see it like a money loss, but rather like in investment! It’s easier to spend money when it comes back to you isn’t it?

Be careful, using luxury materials doesn’t increase more your house value. Bet on the room’s functionality to seduce a potential buyer.

3. Do a budget

A good way to do a reasonable budget is to identify priorities. It’s easy to get enthusiastic when planning renovations, but we have to be able to focus on the property needs. Think security to know what to renovate first.

Other tip, revalue your budget at different stages of the project. Monitoring the construction site allows you to be aware of the latest news.

4. Consult professionals  

Some people think that renovate their property themselves is a good way to minimize the costs. However, make sure to have the required knowledge and skills before starting, otherwise you could have to use a part of your budget to fix your mistakes.

In addition to hire a renovator to execute the works, you may want to hire a contractor who will evaluate your property and identify the feasibility of the renovations. Furthermore, they are good to anticipate possible hurdles.

A consultation with a designer is also a great option when renovating. They know how to maximize the space and to create a harmonious home.

For homeowners and prospective buyers, Service Québec if offering an online guide including informations about renovating, buying or building a home.

5. Living on a construction site 

The hardest part of revonations are the adaptation to a non-fonctional house during days or even weeks.

If you’re renovating a kitchen, it could be a good idea to plan a budget to order food or going to restaurant. A cooler can be practical but it can be annoying to eat cold food each day.

Also, create a temporary station in your bedroom where you put a toaster and a coffee maker! This way, you can enjoy a few days of breakfast and coffee in bed!

With the kids, do a picnic in the living room!

In brief, use a little of imagination to facilitate your life during the works.

If you follow these previous tips, renovations won’t be a source of anxiety anymore!

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