5 tips to redesign your kitchen on a small budget!

5 tips to redesign your kitchen on a small budget!

The kitchen, the heart of the home! 

In the Kitchen, everything happens! The family discusses and prepares meals, eats and clears the week’s paperwork. It might as well be designed to meet the needs of the whole family. 

For many of us, the idea of a kitchen renovation can be a real headache but it’s not always as complicated and expensive as we might think! 

Renovating your kitchen on a small budget and with little time is possible with “homestaging” (quick and inexpensive renovation) ! 

Take notes, here are 5 tips to redesign this room without ruining yourself

1 – Sort it out!

Cuisine moderne blanche avec des tuiles grises pour le dosseret

Before starting any work, it’s important to ask ourselves those two questions: What should we keep? What should we sell?

With this single action, several hundred dollars can be saved. 

Unclutter the kitchen space!

The coffee machine, plastic containers from our last delivery, spices, small appliances, clutter can quickly build up in the kitchen. 

Choose cupboard storage with suitable boxes, baskets or space-saving modules to integrate into your kitchen furniture. 

Take the opportunity to sort it out! 

2 – Relook the kitchen units

Cuisine moderne blanche avec des tuiles grises pour le dosseret

If you no longer like your furniture, why not repaint it? A beautiful neutral colour and your kitchen will immediately gain value! 

It is THE most popular solution to renovate your kitchen without changing everything. 

In a few hours the kitchen comes back to life under your paintbrush. 

Change the handles of the Kitchen cabinets and drawers. It is THE detail that will make all the difference in embellishing your room.

Finally, opt for a more modern sink. It is a major decorative element, which will make your dishes sessions a lot more pleasant.

3 – Pimp your backsplash!

Cuisine avec des tuiles de la collection Artisan de couleur crème

Did you know that you can install a new backsplash over existing ceramic tiles?

And now with all the great choices and low prices, what is stopping you?

Backsplashes have a very practical side and a major design impact. You can put almost any type of tile in any style you want!

In the same idea, a ceramic kitchen backsplash is very easy to clean and durable over time (no more traces of unwashable tomato sauce on white paint). 

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4 – Change the countertop

Plan de travail d'une cuisine faite en tuiles grise

Aesthetic aside, a countertop can quickly be damaged.

With the food preparation, the dishes cleaning and household products, it’s a high traffic area. Hence the importance of using though materials that require little maintenance. 

The most economical solution for changing the worktop is still ceramic! 

Ceramic is very easy to install and is very resistant to heat, stain and humidity. 

5 – Use accessories in your kitchen for a better look 

Cuisine avec des tuiles d'inspiration de la Toscoane accessoirisé d'ustensiles de cuisine

To add the final touch to your kitchen relooking, work with the details and buy decorative items at a lower price: 

  • Add plants, 
  • Add a carpet to hide the floor. Carpets can make all the difference. Winners and Homesense stores will be your best allies to find a chic and low price carpet. 
  • Add some bouquets to bring a good mood in your kitchen.
  • Use beautiful lamps
  • Light candles. 

Don’t stop at the kitchen!

Homestaging can be applied to all the rooms in the house: living room, bedroom, bathroom and even your balcony or patio. 

Homestaging is the best solution to offer a second life to your home and also to make it easier to sell. 

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