5 reasons to opt for oiled hardwood flooring!

5 reasons to opt for oiled hardwood flooring!

plancher de bois huilé avec table design en bois

Oiled hardwood flooring is greatly appreciated in fields of architecture and design. The main reason for its popularity is certainly its natural and sober appearance, which makes it a noble and classic floor covering. Indeed, it’s hard not to like all the beauty emanating from a well-maintained hardwood floor.

Laid on the ground or even on the wall, it warms a room like no other material can do.

Nowadays, the varnished wood flooring, once very popular, is slowly replaced by the oiled finished hardwood flooring that gives a more authentic look.

1. A natural look

photo d'un salon aux couleurs naturels avec un revêtement de sol en bois vernis

Unlike varnished wood flooring, oiled wood flooring has a more natural finish.

Some people are afraid that putting oil on the wood may leave the material with a glossy finish, but it actually penetrates into the material pores, enhancing its raw appearance, while protecting it. This deep impregnation brings out the wood grain, reduces imperfections and leaves a nice matte finish on the surface.

In addition, this natural appearance produced by the oil lasts a very long time.

Light colored wood floors are very popular! Especially with a matte finish, they are perfect to create a Scandinavian look.

2. An eco-responsible material

Nowadays, consumers are looking to reduce their environmental footprint. You’ll be glad to learn that pre-oiled wood flooring is a good eco-friendly option when it comes to design and renovation projects.

Indeed, if oiled wood is such a popular floor covering, it’s not only because it looks great, but also because it has good ecological qualities. This material generates very little production waste and the oil comes from plants, which makes it a safe and more ecological fluid than a varnish.

3. A good resistance 

The quality of a product is often proportional to its longevity.

Hardwood floors impregnated with oil become stronger, minimizing risks of breakage and abrasion. Indeed, daily shocks and friction can create abrasion which generally damages the floor, which can be avoided or diminished using oiled protection.

By lodging in the pores of the wood, the oil offers good protection against temperature variations and humidity!

4. A good adaptation to environment

plancher de bois huilé de chez la tuilerie

If you have bad allergies, you’ll be happy to know that oiled hardwood flooring does not trap dust.

With an oiled finish, wood keeps breathing, absorbing and restoring the humidity, unlike a varnished wood floor.

Good news! We can install pre-oiled hardwood floors from Parquets Alexandra in a basement, contrary to any other solid wood!

Be careful though, not every oiled hardwood floor can resist to the humidity of a basement.

5. An easy maintenance

image d'une cuisine aux couleurs naturels avec un plancher de bois pré-huilé

If you already have a wood floor, you know that daily maintenance is very easy. A broom or a vacuum cleaner does the job perfectly.

If removing dust on a wood floor is pretty easy, some stains are difficult to get rid of. Using products specifically designed for hardwood flooring could save you a lot of time.

If you think that your floor requires an additional oil layer to make it look great again, brush it with a sponge, without even sandblasting it first and make sure your floor is well cleaned before starting anything.

Did you know that some companies are selling finished oil pencils as well as wax crayons for minor repairs for oiled hardwood flooring? For example, Parquets Alexandra and Préverco offer these kinds of products, in addition to a multitude of cleaning products.

For the realization of a renovation project or for wood tips and tricks, visit one of our stores! Our advisors will be happy to help you.