Zen interior: 3 steps to follow

Zen interior: 3 steps to follow

Dreaming about an interior ideal for rest, relaxation, and a soothing atmosphere without stress? Then you must be looking for a Zen ambiance! A zen ambiance is based on Japanese decors and on Feng Shui.

Transform your rooms into a relaxing oasis in 3 simple steps.

1-Minimalism and cleanliness

Zen style is, above all, a minimalist style. To feel good in your room dedicated to relaxation, forget overdecoration and just keep the essential! Only functional objects that you use daily should be in the room. You have to free space, let the air and the light come in, and don’t have anything around that could distract you. This will facilitate organization and neatness. Finally, keep the room clean for even more comfort.

Regarding the look of the room, choose wall and floor coverings with a sober design and refined lines. With the Zen style, you will have a multitude of choices in hardwood floors. As for ceramics, a large format is preferable, without any pattern, but textured so that the room does not look cold. Our series of ceramic tiles imitation concrete would be perfect for this interior style.

Our stone imitation series are also a good option.

2-Natural materials

Zen, or at least the state of peace, tends to get close to nature. That’s why you need to favour natural materials, or even raw materials. Therefore, Wood is ideal, especially for the floor, but if you prefer ceramic floors, then your furniture can be made of wood.

Wall stones are also appropriate for Zen decor. They contribute to the warm ambiance of the room and are perfect for a mantel, highlighting even more the natural elements.

Finally, choose plants instead of electrical appliances. Plants purify the air whereas TV, for example, produce’s noise pollution and will do anything but relax you.

If your Zen space is your bathroom, then think about stone vessel sinks. They are ideal for Feng Shui ambiance.

Now, visualize your room and add the beautiful and natural light of the sun. Your Zen space will be very enjoyable!

3-Harmony and balance

To complete the look of your Zen interior, be meticulous. Choose harmonized colors, preferably with neutral and clear tones, that make you think of nature like beige, or even brown and green. If you really want to add bright colors, then choose only one and use it as highlights such as decor accessories like plant pots or cushions.

Your floor and wall coverings, as well as your furniture, have to be harmonized. Low furniture is often chosen for a Zen interior style. This emphasizes the effect of free space and avoids clutter in the room. Perfect to meditate, write or enjoy a hot drink in a calm atmosphere.

Lastly, balance the composition of the room with only a few accessories and enough space to rest. Add a sofa, cushions, armchairs, some candles or incense, or even some green.


As you can see, to create a Zen style, there are no official and indisputable rules but rather a few steps to consider.

Don’t hesitate to come to visit us and ask for some advice!