Ceramic tiles : Our latest series

Ceramic tiles : Our latest series

Lately, La Tuilerie has been spoiled and spoils its customers at the same time. New ceramic tiles series, which are very trendy, are in store! They are beautiful, but also with many other qualities!

You can find them at La Tuilerie only and always at the best price/quality ratio.



This series seduces with its concrete look and light textures, which give it a natural character.

Haus is rectified porcelain tiles from Italy. It comes in 3 colors (a uniform version and a décor version for each) and 2 different formats included a hexagonal one.


ceramic tiles haus-smoke-hex


Therefore, everybody can like these ceramic tiles. From a light shade, Cotton color, to more dark ones, Smoke and Coal, Haus is made for every tastes and every ambiances.

Made for wall and floor coverings, Haus tiles can be installed outdoor as well as indoor thanks to its frost resistance.

Lastly, the manufacturer produces its tiles in an ethical way that respects the environment. A careful use of natural raw materials and a partial recycling of production waste helps to reduce energy usage and toxic gas emissions. This cutting-edge production process does all of that without altering the ceramic tiles’ aesthetic appeal and quality.




ceramic tiles-raw


Raw is, without a doubt, the trendiest series of the moment. Ideal for contemporary spaces, these ceramic tiles are a stylish meticulously crafted wood imitation. We can clearly identify wood grains between paint effects. The result is an imperfect, unique, artistic and raw wood aspect.

Raw’s modernity comes from innovative means of production too. The tiles have a very beautiful resolution thanks to a HD digital printing system.

These porcelain tiles from Italy has other qualities; they are waterproof, thermal shock and frost resistant. So, they can be installed outside.
They are also robust and stain resistant, so you can install them in every room of your house, on the floor and on the walls.

With 1/8’’ (3mm) joints, the result will be sensational! All you have to do is to choose your favorite color between Anvil, Cloud and Coal. You can even mix them for an even more modern result.


ceramic tiles-raw-mix




This ceramic tiles series saves you from breaking the bank. As stylish as a real marble, this great classic imitation will be up to your expectations. It comes in 4 colors: Nero, Grigio, Snow Grey and Snow White.
The prints that we see on the tiles surface are actually photos of marble whose negatives have been crafted. That gives a very artistic effect.


ceramic tiles-marquinia


As Marquinia’s rectified tiles come from a classic format (12×24) to 2 smaller ones (2×2 or hexagonal 4’’), you should make thin joints for a refined and chic result.

Made in Italian porcelain, you can install them inside and also outside, on the floor and on the walls.




Very popular, the chevron format is the trend touch of this series, also available in a 24×24 format and in 4 colors: Dark, Grey, Ivory and Silver.


ceramic tiles-waterfall


This excellent slate imitation represents a new generation of ceramic tiles. Textures, irregularities and variations of tones evoke the past marks. As the tiles are rectified, you can install them closely with small joints to space them.

Waterfall’s tiles are very robust. Frost, water, chemical products fire, bangs, nothing or almost, can damage them. Therefore, they can be installed outdoor as well as indoor, on the floors as well as on the walls, and even in busy public locations like train stations, shopping centers or parking lots!

Lastly, the series is made with 40% of pre-consumer recycled materials in an Italian company which is environmentally friendly.





As you have no doubt noticed, these small rectangular ceramic tiles, known as subway tiles, are made in Spain. This look is very trendy!

Indeed, today and for years, subway tiles are a ‘’must-have’’ if you want your inside walls to be fashionable, but remain simple. They are a timeless great classic.



ceramic tiles-evolution-cream-brillo


This series has not settled for a simple white. It comes in 5 colors: Blanc Brillant and Blanc Mat in 3×6 and 2×8 formats, Crème Brillant, Gris Brillant and Noir Brillant in a 3×6 format only. Moreover, edges are also available.




This Italian series is out of the ordinary thanks to original prints, which make think of a wool fabric. This will seduce a public, which is interesting in design and fashion new trends.


ceramic tiles-craft-ash


Available in a 24×24 format and in 4 colors: Ash, Taupe, Smoke and Ivory, these large rectified tiles are made to last. They are very robust so they can be installed outside and on the floor.

This ceramic tiles series is produced thanks to a new digital technology. That permits the manufacturer to offer a large amount of graphic variations, and to faithfully reproduce every type of textures, colors and surfaces. Therefore, the product benefits from a great aesthetic value as well as technical resistance. Moreover, this innovative technology reduces resource use of chemical substances, and minimizes the impact on the environment.


These series are all each more beautiful than the last, and have undeniable qualities! Which ones will you choose for your next renovations?

Don’t hesitate to write to us at info@latuilerie.qc.ca to tell us which series are your favorites or even to send us pictures if you install ceramic tiles at your home!