5 design suggestions for your bathroom

5 design suggestions for your bathroom

1. Small tiles for a small room? Not necessarily!


Don’t trust your intuition because NO, you don’t have to ban big tiles from little bathrooms. On the contrary, they make the room visually bigger. So take advantage of it and don’t stick to small tiles. Dare to fuse big tiles in small spaces!



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What also count is joint lines. Indeed, they can give an impression of grandeur to a room, also. Try using a vertical orientation to raise the ceiling up, and a horizontal one to widen the room.

Tile the walls until the ceiling give an impression of extended height too.

If you follow these rules, then your little bathroom could look royal!


2. Floor-level showers expand space


Floor-level showers, or Italian showers, are one more way to give an impression of grandeur to a room installing the same tiles everywhere on the bathroom floor.

A glass door won’t reduce this effect contrary to a simple shower curtain which would act as a visual barrier.

Keeping with this aestheticism, you can choose a tiled drain, which will unify the whole floor making the drain totally disappear, to better display the ceramics.




3. ‘’Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’’ – Leonardo Da Vinci


Avoid making too many decorations. Don’t mix colors, shapes, patterns, textures, and opt for simplicity. Choose only one or two of these elements, which will stand out instead of overloading your bathroom with embellishments.

Complexity does not always equate with originality, whereas simplicity can turn out to be harmonious, refined and stylised. This is even more true in a room which should be a synonym for relaxation, like a bathroom.



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4. Heated floors in bathrooms: An advantage that is also aesthetic


We do not want to feel cold in a bathroom, that’s for sure! A heated floor is THE ideal solution. In most cases, it is sufficient to heat the room. However, when we talk about it, we only think about its practicality and not to its aesthetic side because we don’t see it. That is precisely why it has one! Using heated floors saves us from cumbersome radiators lacking the decorative qualities and lets more space for design.




This approach to design gives you the occasion to concentrate on your wall tiles or even on your decoration accessories.

The advantages of heated floors in a bathroom are therefore discreet but so effective.


5. Grout color


Hardly considered in the whole design, the color of the grout can yet have a full part to play in your bathroom’s final result. The choice of the grout is almost as important as the choice of the tiles because if you don’t choose the right one, your desired effect may won’t be there.



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Indeed, you must know that a grout which is more contrasting with the tiles, will highlight lines and patterns whereas a grout which looks like the color of the tiles, will soften and unify the space. For example, a dark grout with white tiles, like subway tiles, will give a vintage look while a colored grout with small white mosaics will give the touch of color you look for. You can even change the color later if you want, thanks to a dye!


You now are holding all the cards to get a beautiful designed bathroom. Don’t hesitate to send us your pictures at info@latuilerie.qc.ca if you want to be featured on our social networks!