8 Trends to Adopt in Your Kitchen in 2024

8 Trends to Adopt in Your Kitchen in 2024

Publication Date : November 2023

The kitchen, the true heart of your home, is a space where aesthetics and functionality merge. In 2024, design trends evolve to create warm, welcoming, and characterful spaces. We’ve scrutinized the colors, textures, and shapes in vogue to give you a glimpse of the styles that will mark the year. Discover the eight essential trends if you’re renovating your kitchen in 2024.

Kitchen Colors in 2024

1. The Boldness of Soft and Remarkable Colors

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Yellow Tiles for a Backsplash
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Green Tiles for Backsplash
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Sage Backsplash

Goodbye grey and total marble look! Opt for vibrant and rich colors that are out of the ordinary: mustard yellow, sage green, or glacier blue. Shades of green and blue are particularly popular. You can even match them. Generally, blues and greens work very well together.

A punch of color brings light to your kitchen and easily pairs with natural materials. Play with lighting and the hue of the grout to accentuate this effect. Moreover, color personalizes your space to your taste and gives it character, all while keeping it light. Kitchens are becoming almost extravagant!

〰 To succeed in your kitchen design :

Define a color palette and follow the rule of 3 colors: a primary color that occupies 60% of the space, a secondary shade covering 30%, and the remaining 10% added to the decoration (in this case, white, black, and grey are not considered colors).

2. The Warmth of Earthy and Organic Colors

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Terracotta Colors
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Warm Colors

Warmth = happiness! Gone are the entirely white kitchens. Ochre, brown, beige, greige, and terracotta have been in vogue for a few years.

Your kitchens are adorned with ceramics in warm tones that brighten up the room, becoming welcoming spaces. These fiery colors echo styles from sunnier lands such as the Mediterranean or Mexico.

Practical tip: Tile with color variations is less dirtying 😉

〰 For an even bolder style:

  • In terms of dimensions: use multi-format tiles to add a touch of imperfection. Large and very large formats are still popular!
  • In terms of style: combine these warm shades with stone-look ceramics. Their quality improves year after year. Thanks to synchronized patterns, the tile’s appearance perfectly matches the texture of the ceramic or floor.

3. The Return of Dark Floors

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Dark Floor
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Dark Floor
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Dark Floor

Hear, hear! Dark floors are making a big comeback in kitchens. These floors are elegant and create a bold look.

For ceramics, opt for black and dark grey.

For wood, while the trend has long been towards light tones, dark woods are reappearing, whether on the floor or for kitchen furniture.

2024 is the year of creativity and joy in the kitchen! Let your decorative and design desires speak, while maintaining a refined simplicity.

Shapes and Styles in Trendy Kitchens in 2024

4. The Authenticity of Zellige-Style Tiles

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Zellige Backsplash
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Blue Backsplash

These ceramics are popular for their artisanal look, evoking hand-modeled tiles dried for hours in the sun. We love their slightly imperfect aspect, bringing incredible charm to our backsplashes, while remaining timeless.

Available in a wide variety of colors, they allow for unique and personalized combinations.

5. The Voluptuousness of Arches and Curves

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Curves
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Curves

Arches, curves, and roundness continue to gain popularity. They shape a countertop, a passage, tapware, and any other decorative element. These fluid and organic shapes contribute to creating a very soft ambiance.

We find this curvature in fluted tiles imitating wood: these are ceramics composed of half-circle reliefs that produce a fluid effect. Ideal for covering a kitchen island or bar, in a more contemporary style.


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〰 To achieve a wonderful design:

Finishes are therefore not neglected. Beyond curves that have been imposing themselves for a few years, integrated level plays in furniture seem to be asserting themselves and add rhythm to the room. A piece of furniture or a countertop with multiple levels can have a practical interest, whether to fit the shapes of a space or to facilitate access for the little ones.

6. The Charm of Raw Ceramics

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Raw Ceramics
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Raw Ceramics

Ceramics resembling clay and terracotta are coming back strong. Often crowned with a matte finish, these materials bring texture and warmth to the kitchen, while being timeless. Their organic tones are perfect for backsplashes, kitchen floors, or wall installations.

Their natural style seduces us, suggesting a handcrafted tile, but with the ease of maintenance of today’s tiling.

〰 For A Truly Warm Space:

The warmth and comfort of a kitchen also pass through a good heating system. The kitchen in 2024 is clever and intelligent. Underfloor heating (hidden under the tiles) keeps the lines clean while easily managing the room’s temperature with a programmable thermostat.

7. The Originality of Patterns Composed of Geometric Shapes

Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Black and White Tiles
Kitchen 2024 : the Trends of Tiles with Motifs

Whether it’s a checkerboard or a combination of two geometric shapes, kitchen floors are adorned with two-color motifs. A bit bold, these retro-touch designs retain a timeless aspect.

In 2024, decoration takes center stage. Appliances are concealed, the technical aspect of the kitchen is erased as much as possible, and storage is sufficient to leave nothing lying around.

Gone are the sterile rooms! The trend in 2024 is for cheerful, colorful kitchens with a bold style, creating a unique universe! Whether you’re building your kitchen from scratch or just renovating it, we have everything you need to create the kitchen of your dreams. All you have to do is follow your tastes and fill your room with joyful and vibrant hues.

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