10 Must-See Bathroom Trends for 2024

10 Must-See Bathroom Trends for 2024

The bathroom. We spend time there every day. Each morning. Each evening. We have our habits, our care routines, where we primp and pamper ourselves. Beauty is in the spotlight in this room! It’s therefore essential to feel good there, and for it to be a pleasant space. So to make sure your bathroom is also dressed to the nines, we’re decoding for you the 10 unmissable bathroom trends for 2024.

Bathroom Colors in 2024

1- Nuanced, Soft, and Vibrant Colors


The all-too-common colors are being relegated to the past. Goodbye yellow. We’re on the hunt for caramel, curry, or mustard tiles. Farewell to green. We opt for olive green, sage, or forest green wall ceramics.

We’re falling for soft and vibrant hues. A winning bet!

Here is a real project, accomplished by one of our dear clients:

2- Warm Tones on Warm Tones

It’s simple! Warm tones are in the spotlight in 2024: beige, greige, terracotta, and their variations. We apply these colors in a tone-on-tone decor. Not to forget adding a touch of imperfection with color variations (we’re talking about tiles where the same shade fluctuates more or less strongly), a subtle pattern, or a slight veining.

A successful project, carried out by one of our dear clients:

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3- Reflections and Variations

Reflections and color variations are setting our walls and floors on fire in 2024.

We play with the gentle fluctuations offered by stone-look ceramics. The advantage of having non-uniform tiles: they’re less dirtying!

Bathroom Trends 2024 : shiny mosaic

Mosaics with shiny reflections are making their big comeback! Long trendy in the 1990s, we find them again in the spotlight. But be careful not to make a fashion faux pas! The line is thin 😉

4- Dark Blues and Greens Take Center Stage

Dark blue and green are taking over our bathroom walls and floors. These natural colors, which have aged with us for thousands of years, prove to be timeless and fit well in a water room.

A real project accomplished for one of our dear clients:

Shapes and Styles in Bathrooms Trends for 2024

5- Perfectly Imperfect

Imprecision and irregularities. Two guiding principles for bathroom ceramics in 2024. This trend has been ongoing for several years, anchoring itself in a minimalist and organic vein. We opt for a handmade style, which we slightly deconstruct by introducing geometric shapes, texture, breaking the rhythm with multi-format tiling, or with an installation punctuated with irregularities.

A successful project, realized by one of our dear clients:

6- Subtle Textures

Make way for slightly textured tiles! Fluted is all the rage, as are mosaics with subtly embedded patterns. The integration of texture is done subtly to create a harmonious and balanced design. We favor organic materials that echo nature.

Photo credit: Mélinda Recine

7- All About Curves


Arches and curves are at the heart of the trend. We’re adding roundness everywhere in the bathroom to redefine the space. We can think big by daring an arch above the vanity or with a rounded wall in the walk-in shower.

Another option: we hide curves in the details of our decoration, with, for example, rounded taps or a bathtub, round light fixtures, or circular-shaped finishes like a mirror. This trend brings softness to the design of your room, even for a small bathroom.

A real project, accomplished by one of our dear clients:


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8- 3D Relief

Choosing relief ceramic will bring character to your bathroom wall. We dare! We dress our interiors to create vibrant and sophisticated designs. The relief gives movement to the room, regardless of your bathroom model. Depending on their color and finish, tiles can bring light. Being a place of passage, we can dare to use color or original decoration in the water room.

9- Square Tiles

Bathroom Trends 2024 : Square ceramic Tiles

Whether small or medium-sized, square tiles are in style! It’s a lasting trend.

In a minimalist and/or mid-century style, we opt for rather small square mosaic tiles, which we highlight with a contrasting grout color.

In a more artisanal style, we ride the wave of the zellige tile effect. These are those sublime traditional Moroccan tiles, entirely handmade. Beautiful!

10- The shower? Walk-in (obviously!)

The walk-in shower adds a luxurious touch. We want it monochrome (with the same color tile on the floor and walls), sleek (use a tileable drain), equipped with a niche for easy storage, and especially as spacious as possible. Our tip: choose trendy shower ceramics, but also tiles that meet your expectations regarding maintenance.


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We hope that this blog article has provided you with inspiration for your bathroom. For even more ideas, don’t miss out on the ceramic and design trends of 2024 by following us on social media. We have even created corresponding Pinterest boards (just for you!).

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