4 Inspiring Kitchen Designs for Your Renovations

4 Inspiring Kitchen Designs for Your Renovations

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Date of publication: June 2023

Did you know that renovating your kitchen is considered one of the most financially attractive home investments? The kitchen being the centre of your home, upgrading the design is definitely worth it. According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, it can even lead to a 100% resale profit. To help you find the style you like, we joined forces with Armoires Cuisines Action, a Quebec company specialized in kitchen design, to share with you beautiful kitchen inspirations. 

1- Contemporary Kitchen 

This U-shaped contemporary kitchen is classic, timeless, and super sophisticated, with its black and wood cabinets, quartz countertop and perfectly matching golden finishing touches. Simply look at the handles, lighting fixtures and other decoration elements — the elegance hides in every detail. Plus, impossible to miss the beautiful pattern backsplash tiles (this collection has been discontinued, but we have other similar products).  


💡 Tip 

Put your money where your heart is: design, ease of maintenance, practicality, etc. When renovating, the primary goal is to sustainably increase your comfort and quality of life — you don’t want to go through this again in two years. 

2- Classic Country-Style Kitchen 

Wooden elements, light tones, a glass cabinet: three simple key features to create a warm and friendly country-style décor in your kitchen. We love the colour harmony, thanks to the appliances and tile selection. The backsplash is made of handmade-looking tiles with a glossy finish and strong colour variation, while the floor features a light gray concrete imitation ceramic. If you are just starting your project, see how to choose your ceramic in 7 steps. 


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Think of integrating a concealed hood, also called insert hood, to your kitchen design. As opposed to larger traditional hoods, a concealed hood is designed to blend perfectly in your design. You can have it covered with a tailor-made cabinet case or even build it yourself to your taste in gypsum. See all products from Armoires Cuisine Action in this kitchen. 

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3- Modern Kitchen  

A modern style is defined by clean lines, minimalist design and practical space using a neutral colour scheme, perfect for a convenient and well-equipped kitchen. In this design, the key feature is the island. Plus, we love the hexagonal green tile on the wall. As the backsplash is often the room’s signature feature, make sure to choose it wisely. Find all the elements from this kitchen décor right here. 



Set your budget beforehand. There is always a way to get a trendy design without breaking the piggy bank. This is why our experts at La Tuilerie and at Armoires Cuisines Action offer high-end cost-effective products. 

4- Farmhouse Kitchen: A Perfect Kitchen Remodeling Inspiration

Have you noticed how this kitchen blends in beautiful harmony? The light tones and golden finishing touches — faucet, handles, fixtures… everything matches to perfection. There are even two backsplash styles: one bevelled-edge subway tile and one oversized ceramic imitating the natural veining of stones. As for the countertop, it is made of dekton, which is resistant to stain, bacteria, shock, scratches, UV rays, abrasion and even heat — it is a non-combustible material, which makes it ideal for a kitchen surface. On the floor, an oversized concrete-looking tile was installed. 


✨ What’s Trending  

You’ve always wanted a kitchen banquette seating but don’t know how to make it fit in your design? The kitchen designers at Armoires Cuisines Action can help you find the perfect spot to create a nice, comfortable, and convenient space, suited to your needs. 

So, you probably got the idea — possibilities are endless. The only rule is: choose a kitchen design that you love and that will last in time.  

And good news! By redesigning your kitchen at Armoires Cuisines Action, you get a special discount at La Tuilerie for your ceramic tiles. 😊 


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