Set up your hallway for the holiday season!

Set up your hallway for the holiday season!

The holiday season is just around the corner and chances are you will receive family and friends at your house, already well decorated for the occasion.

Don’t forget that the hallway is the first room your guests will notice and it usually sets the tone to the rest of your dwelling! For this reason, we are sharing you some tips to prettify your entrance way and give it warmth and friendliness.

If receiving is an art, you will be the artist of your reception!

A functional hallway

How many times have you been confronted with piles of boots in the middle of the hall when entering your house? Or else you may have seen all the coats struggling to hold on the tired coat hook?

If you stumble every time you open the front door, it is a sign that your vestibule needs to be optimized.

Tricky task? It’s possible. Luckily, with a little creativity, it is possible to improve this too often neglected space.

Tips from pros

Your guests will need a space to take off their shoes and you, dear hosts, will need storage to keep your entrance in order. Tip: Equip your entrance with a bench that is also a furniture to store the boots! You can easily find it on the market. However, if you are attached to your antique bench full of stories, place some boxes or a plastic carpet just below it to hide the boots and thereby, clean the room.

You certainly don’t want to hide your beautiful ceramic!

A good lighting is the secret of a functional hallway. If you have been searching for your keys, accessories or even your child’s lunch box, it’s time to provide your entrance with good lighting! For gadget lovers, the addition of a dimmer allows you to sift the light and create a cozy atmosphere for your evenings with friends.

The addition of a mirror in your lobby allows last-minute makeup retouchings and creates an enlargement effect.

Of course, your guests will need coat racks. If you have a wardrobe, that’s good! Otherwise, create a coat area using several hooks, laid at different levels.

A festive atmosphere

To welcome your guests in an original way, hang on the wall a slate, on which all the wishes of happiness are encouraged. Even better, ask your children to draw icons of the North Pole. Your little Picassos will be happy to participate in the preparation and the visitors will be seduced by these festive draws.

Feel free to dive into nostalgia and vintage to brighten your lobby, but also to remind your guests of good memories! Fabric ornaments, Christmas stockings, candy dishes, advent wreath, dried oranges and pine cone garlands! If you have a side table, have some flavored candles, a real treat for the eyes and the senses!

If the candle is prized by the Scandinavians, who also know the gray of autumn and the heaviness of winter, it is because it creates an intimate and warm atmosphere. To consume without moderation!

Our ceramic suggestions for your hallway

Add a rustic touch to your hallway by tiling one or a few walls with the Scrapwood (discontinued product) ceramic collection. A great interpretation of the wood of recovery. Durable material and an easy maintenance!

The Twenties (discontinued product) series is a real gem! Colors and geometries send us back to the beginning of the last century but fit perfectly with our contemporary decorations. A love at first sight? This is what we are planning for anyone who crosses your vestibule.

More Collection (discontinued product)! A series whose contemporary designs are straight out of Pinterest! Choose your favorite ceramic pattern, for an entrance way at your image.