Discover why Vanessa Béland believes in hygge, this Danish lifestyle trend that promotes well-being!

Discover why Vanessa Béland believes in hygge, this Danish lifestyle trend that promotes well-being!

A saturday morning coffee in bed, a Netflix evening for lovers, a warm bath by candlelight… How do we describe the hygge trend and how do we adopt it?

Vanessa Béland, interior stylist and co-founder of Fleur maison, explains why she’s trying to integrate hygge in her life.


This Scandinave trend comes from a social philosophy based on comfort, happiness and gratitude. Concretely, it’s about enjoying these daily pleasures that we sometimes don’t see and, of course, to surround ourselves with people we love. A pretty tempting proposition isn’t it?  After all, the Danish people are at the top of the world ranking of happiness.

«To me, hygge is a state of mind beyond anything. It’s an awareness that allows us to appreciate more what’s right in front of us and to live it with fullness. Then follows the implantation of this concept in every aspects of life, for example, decoration », says Vanessa Béland.

If some people think that the hygge is a winter and a cold weather concept only, Vanessa specifies that it’s entirely possible to carry the hygge mindset through the seasons : « Summer is just as convivial as any moments of the year with friends talking around campfires ».

A decoration trend

Although hygge is foremost a school of though, it’s also becoming one of the most popular decoration trend.

«First of all, every decor lends itself to a hygge atmosphere, because it’s more about a good state of mind. But to know the basics, we opt for simplicity, natural and noble materials, for example, wood, linen, cotton, and we don’t forget plants.  Also, candles are the key element for this type of decoration ».

The color palette to adopt for a hygge atmosphere is caramel and chocolate tones, lavender, blue-grey and white. Think, not only about the paint, but floors, tissues, and carpets. Patterns and flourish (sparingly) are also a good option for Scandinavian style. Often, these patterns remind us of nature icons.

The space dedicated to hygge living can vary from a home to another. It could be a comfortable reading area, a spa type bathroom, or a warm bedroom, etc.

A state of mind

Danes have well understood it, it’s the sum of each little gestures that leads to happiness.

Vanessa, who loves to manage a few projects at the same time, admits that slowing down a little bit allowed her to live in the present more easily.

To her, a perfect evening is a good moment shared with her husband, at home, cooking and listening to a movie or a television series. « Good for me because this is how I am spending all my evenings. That is for me the proof that the hygge can be completely integrated into a daily basis and not only momentarily. ».

With social networks which are taking a lot of our attention, it may be a bit more complicated to focus on living the present moment. « If social medias are not time consuming for you, well, that is probably a good thing! But if they are, I think it’s important to give yourself a break and to realize that if you don’t put each little moments of your life on Instagram, that’s ok.  Everything is a question of balance ».

Our suggestions for a Hygge decor

Walnut essence from the company Preverco. A smooth and simple floor, of a rich and sumptuous color. A magnificent contrast when paired with white furniture and accessories. Only missing a pair of slippers and a hot chocolate for a hygge afternoon.

The series Bon Ton (discontinued product), with its irresistible patterns, is practical and design in a bathroom. With a few candles and a good book, give yourself a well-deserved rest.

The Axis ceramic collection, a charming imitation of wood that gives an impression of naturalness to your home. All the beauty of wood, but a simple and effective maintenance. To experience the hygge trend to the fullest, equip your floor with a heating cable. Discover the advantages of heated floors.
And you?  What makes you feel good?